Lower insurance for 'newbies'

2013-06-16 13:49

Young drivers are being encouraged to do advanced driving courses to benefit - eventually - from lower insurance rates.

Experts says young and inexperienced drivers are likely to drive faster than the speed limit, leading to collisions. A new driver is more likely to crash in the first year after passing the driving test than at any other time.


Alexander Forbes Insurance has advised young drivers to consider taking an advance/defensive driving course and to build a safe-driving history to benefit from low premium rates for vehicle insurance.

Wheels24 went along to Gerotek, west of Pretoria (June 10, 2013), with its own young driver as one of a number of under-25’s to a Monroe driving course. The shock-absorber company has stepped in to put new young drivers through an advanced driving course far more informative than the K53 system needed to pass licence tests.

Gari Dombo, AFI MD, said: “Insurance companies classify young drivers as high-risk due to their lack of motoring experience.

“The can get lower premiums if they have a defensive driving course diploma and/or choose a less-powerful car. In addition, a defensive driving course improves your chances of being considered as a safer driver."

Tips to lower your insurance premiums:

  • Build a driving history and no-claims status; take a policy in the young driver's name or no no-claims years accrue.
  • Driving declared kilometres each year will reduce premiums: theory: the less you drive the less likely a collision.
  • Opt for a higher "excess" (the customer's portion of any damage claim) and qualify for lower premiums - but make sure you can afford the extra damage outlay if you do crash.
  • Enhance your car's security features, park in a secure place at night