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#Look, no hands: Car selfie craze

2013-11-04 10:37
We’ve heard of ‘don’t text and drive’ campaigns but what about ‘don’t post photos and drive'? It seems a reckless trend has gripped Instagram as drivers post ‘selfies’ behind the wheel. To combat this, Toyota released an advert titled ‘Don’t shoot and drive.

LONDON, England - What could be more distracting and ultimately dangerous than texting while driving? How about posting images of yourself, taken and sent while driveing - "selfies" on the move, so to speak.

A irresponsible trend has gripped Instagram users as millions of drivers post selfies from at the wheel. Cellphone use at the wheel is a major problem but taking a photo of yourself while driving and posting it online is reckless and being distracted while driving even for a moment could lead to a crash.

Or death.


How popular is the trend? According to Instagram, three-million photos were tagged such as #driving home and #driving selfie. Nearly 50 000 posts were tagged #driving home, 9712 as #driving to work and 3689 as #driving selfie.

Users post images or videos tagged as #don't worry we were stopped (27 photos) and #I hope I don't crash (128). Some posts feature babies or toddlers behind the wheel tagged as #baby driving a car.

To combat the trend, Toyota released an advert in October 2013 showing a car crash as seen through the various Instagram filters with a slogan reading “Don't shoot and drive”.

What do you think of the driving selfie craze? Harmless fun behind the wheel or a safety concern? Email us and we’ll publish your thoughts on Wheels24.
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