Kimi out for Silverstone post-GP test

2014-07-07 11:52

SILVERSTONE, England - Ferrari's Kimi Raikkonen is expected to sit out the post-British Formula 1 GP test on the track which, on Sunday (July 07) hosted the race - and during which Raikkonen crashed.

Circuit workers took an hour to repair an armco barrier section hit on Sunday by Raikkonen's Ferrari on Sunday (July 6) before it received a further hit by Williams' Felipe Massa.

Raikkonen limped away from the scene on the arm of a marshal and into a medical car. It later emerged that Ferrari telemetry recorded an impact of 47 time the effect of gravity.


Reportedly, Raikkonen's first words on the radio after the impact were: "Is Felipe OK?"

Ferrari confirmed that Raikkonen "took a hard knock on an ankle and has pain in a knee. He will now have to rest but he will be back in time for the next round in Germany".

VIDEO: Close-up of Raikkonen's crash

Team boss Marco Mattiacci confirmed that Raikkonen would be "resting" until the 2014 German GP at Hockenheim, which implieshe will not be in action for testing at Silverstone over July 8/9 2014.

Bild newspaper said Ferrari junior and Marussia driver Jules Bianchi would probably  be the substitute.


Mattiacci has not confirmed Raikkonen's replacement: "We still have to take a decision. I want to be 100% sure that he's super-fine but we have no major issue at the moment."

Raikkonen's trainer Mark Arnall told the Turun Sanomat newspaper that the driver was "examined thoroughly" after the crash and had not damaged any bone. "He is sore but escaped anything worse."

Raikkonen's manager Steve Robertson added: "His left ankle is severely bruised but nothing is broken. We assume Kimi will be fitfor Hockenheim."