Killer driving instructor jailed

2013-01-18 12:11

PRETORIA - A former driving instructor was sentenced by the Pretoria North High Court to five years in jail, after he caused the deaths of two of his students in 2006, Beeld reported.

Frans Molekwa (39), was talking on his cellphone and weaving through traffic while en route to the Hammanskraal traffic department with five students in his car.


He lost control of the vehicle and it overturned, killing passengers Thato Moloto, a state prosecutor and mother of a five-month-old baby, and Quentin Markus Boshof (19).

Molekwa and three other passengers were seriously injured in the crash.

During court proceedings, he pleaded guilty to two charges of culpable homicide.

Advocate and State prosecutor Tania Carstens said Molekwa deserved a long prison sentence: "The victims and their families were all physically, emotionally and financially compromised. There were huge medical and funeral bills. The accused was reckless and should never be allowed behind a steering wheel again."

Magistrate Ben van Schalkwyk on Thursday suspended Molekwa's licence for five years, and handed down an effective five-year prison sentence.

  • carolyn.myburgh - 2013-01-18 13:25

    I saw an unmarked police car follow one of these driving school vehicles to our local petrol station, watched 3 people get out of the front seat, and the driver given a fine for skipping a red robot, and they teach people to drive???

      ray.priestley.79 - 2013-01-20 09:43

      Great idea-5 years in jail and 5 years licence suspension!! So he cannot drive until he gets out.

  • nicholas.graan - 2013-01-20 10:19

    Is this what the public prosecutor calls a "long sentence". He'll be out in less than two years guaranteed.

  • flysouth - 2013-01-21 15:48

    Remarkably no order that he should pay compensation to the victims. What a crap legal system we have here.

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