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Killarney noise: Who to blame?

2013-06-05 12:00

WHO'S TO BLAME FOR KILLARNEY ROW? A motorsport driver believes that spectators, organisers and law enforcement officials share the blame for the current Killarney noise row. Image - Street Motion


Every few years residents near Killarney Race Track in Cape Town complain about the noise pollution coming from the track. Watch the video!

CAPE TOWN - In June 2013, we reported that eNews Channel Africa (ENCA) spoke to some residents who have a difficult time dealing with the noise being emitted from Killarney race track in Cape Town, during race days and nights.

Watch the video

A *motorsport driver shares his perspective:

“I have been a motorsport competitor for many years. I wish to add my concern to the recent eNCA special report on the situation regarding noise levels at Killarney.

"As a motorsport competitor I must insist you keep my name out of the press, as it may jeopardise my licence. Many competitors have been banned from competing in the past, due to the fact that it is Motorsport South Africa (MSA) regulation that competitors are not allowed to speak out against any club, organiser or fellow competitor without using the appropriate MSA and/or club channels.


“It is my opinion that the writing is on the wall for the Killarney racing facility due to a number of factors, only one of which is the excessive noise. Everybody is to blame for the situation. Event organisers, circuit management, competitors, spectators and law enforcement.

Here is why:

“There is absolutely no point in the Western Province Motor Club frantically trying to control noise levels, when they allow events for which the circuit was never designed in the first place.

“When the Goodwood Showgrounds oval track was closed down, Western Province Motor Club (WPMC) allowed the Cape Helldriver's stock-car club to officially use the circuit. This has led to noisy Thursday and Saturday evenings. Bear in mind that the Killarney racing circuit was NEVER designed to accommodate stock-car racing. It is a proper racing circuit designed for track racing cars only.

“Next, the Street to Strip ‘dragsters’ moved in. Once again, the same applies. The circuit was NEVER built as a drag strip, hence the fact that proper drag racing such as the events held at Tarlton Raceway will never be organised at WPMC due to the lack of proper facilities to accommodate true drag cars.

“These events are also held on Friday nights and at night the noise levels are extreme.


“Then there are the spectators. As a frequent spectator at these events I have seen how many a spectator misbehaves with extremely noisy motor cars, leading to the complaints.

“This behavior is not limited to the racing circuit facility, but in the streets around the track. It seems that some individuals, once witnessing controlled racing, becomes drag racers themselves and take to the streets surrounding the circuit, creating extremely dangerous situations on the roads around Killarney.

“This is where law enforcement is lacking as they do absolutely nothing to stop these idiotic culprits!


“The competitors themselves are guilty as hell. Having built many a race engine in my life, I know it is very easy to build a race car that is as quiet as a normal motor vehicle without sacrificing performance or speed.

“I challenge anyone to do a noise test on my most recent car and they will find that the car is actually as quiet as a road car, if not quieter. This does not mean that performance has been sacrificed. In fact, the car is extremely powerful.

“Guys, spend the money and ensure your cars conform to the regulations.

“You are the ones in danger of losing the most if the city council steps in and closes the facility. Exhaust modifications cost a faction of the amount most of you spend on your vehicles, and you will make the Tableview residents happy.


“I have deliberately left the circuit management and event organisers for last. You are all as guilty as sin. Considering all of the above, go back to your roots. This circuit is a proper race track. Not a drag strip or a stock car track. Yes, you can sort of accommodate these formulas, but the mere fact that your motivation is financial is not an excuse. Sure, the club needs money. We all do.

“I suggest you get rid of the problems, and continue working towards being a good neighbour. Building huge retaining walls is not going to make the residents of Tableview happy whereas containing the noise at night will.

“Cancel those events and let Cape Helldrivers and the wannabe dragsters find an alternative venue. That way there will be no need to upset anyone bar those who do not really belong at WPMC anyway.

“Have a ZERO tolerance attitude please. No national racer or team, no matter what their status should be allowed to breach the noise levels. Exclude them and be consistent in your application of the rules. This applies to all formulas. ESPECIALLY motorcycles! And finally find alternative ways to generate revenue.


“To the residents of Tableview, please also be considerate. The facility you complain about has historic value and was there for decades before your houses were built. Please also respect the rights of those people who are passionate about motorsport.

“After all, the Caltex refinery is a much bigger concern when it comes to pollution of any sort. I suggest you rather focus your energy on the greedy oil companies that are causing severe long-term health problems in your area!

“Please also work towards being good neighbours of the Western Province Motor Club.”

*The author of this article has requested to remain anonymous although Wheels24 has identified the writer.

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