Judge slams RAF 'facilitators'

2012-12-14 08:19

JOHANNESBURG - A judge has slammed as "dishonest" the "facilitators" of Road Accident Fund claims, in particular one for R390 000 for a sprained ankle.

Judge Kathleen Satchwell described facilitators in general as "predatory", The Star newspaper reported in Johannesburg.


The judge was addressing the Johannesburg High Court where a claim of R390 000 had been lodged on behalf of a pedestrian, Musejei Motswai, who sprained an ankle in a car accident in August 2008.

"There never was any 'serious injury' sustained" Satchwell said. "This was dishonest litigation."

She said there was a practice of road-accident compensation being perceived and used to  "provide a livelihood for administrators, attorneys, advocates and professional experts".

"This claim... has been for the sole benefit and enrichment of 'facilitators' of access to road accident compensation," she said.

The case was settled - with no compensation being paid.

What do you think should happen to the perpetrators of such blatant money-grabbing from a fund designed to help genuine accident victims? Tell us in the Readers' Comments section below or email email Wheels24


  • Blixum - 2012-12-14 21:52

    Give that Judge a Bells! She should precide over all RFA claims.

  • willie.buitendag.5 - 2012-12-17 04:20

    I am an Attorney specializing in RAF claims. I whish the press could see what I see every day. RAF has invited claimants to claim with them directly and undertakes to assist them just as Attorneys would so that they'd be spared the legal expense. I have now received instructions from numerous victims that have accepted that invitation where RAF did nothing for more that three years to finalize, or in some cases to even register, their claims. One such lady had a fracture dislocation of her knee which has left her with advanced osteo-arthritis which will require her to have a total knee replacement which, due to waiting lists at government hospital, she will only get after 8 years of being unable to walk or work. RAF told her that her injury is not serious and let her claim prescribe. Another such a case is of a quadruplegic who was offered the RAF's support at a Provincial hospital Hospital where RAF has deployed such "facilitators" themselves. He accepted their offer as he knew he'd be bed-ridden and couldn't drive his own claim. The time for submitting his serious injury assesment form, which he was blisfully unaware of, has lapsed and RAF has done nothing to protect his rights in that regard. They just saved themselves having to pay a million rand in General Damages. Attorneys are always the first to be critisized for greed etc. Pity we can't show the masses what happens when you trust RAF and claim without legal representation.

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