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Jozi cops want 500 drunks a weekend

2015-03-24 11:06

TAKING A CHANCE: Johannesburg metro cops are waiting to arrest drunk drivers. Image: Shutterstock.


A dashcam captured the moment a drunk driver crashed into a security vehicle while police were processing a nearby drunk driver.

JOHANNESBURG, Gauteng - Metro police say Johannesburg officers want to arrest 500 drunk drivers every weekend.

A spokesperson said drivers continued every weekend to ignore traffic regulations by driving while intoxicated.

Over the weekend of March 20-22 2015 308 motorists were arrested for driving under the influence and 31 were arrested for speeding in the Golden City.


The spokesperson said drivers had been arrested in Johannesburg CBD, Midrand, Newlands, Meadowlands and on the N12 along the Golden Highway off-ramp.

One speeder was trapped at 221km/h on the M1 in Midrand. Police said:

"When asked why he was speeding, the 34-year-old told officers he was showing his brother how fast his Mercedes could go."


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