Jozi biker killed in road-rage attack

2014-02-14 12:59

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa - A man was shot dead and another wounded in an apparent road rage confrontation in Randburg on Friday morning (Feb 14), Johannesburg metro police said.

In December 2013 transport minister Dipuo Peters had urged drivers to obey the rules of the road during the festive season as several road deaths were reported in South Africa. Yet, these violent crimes continue.


According to police spokesman Katlego Mogale, the motorcyclist confronted the driver with a gun following an argument. The driver, who was also armed, shot and killed the rider.

Metro police spokesperson Edna Mamonyane said the driver of the car had sustained a head injury though paramedics reported it was not caused by a bullet.

The driver of the car alleged that the rider blocked his path and confronted him at gunpoint. The incident occurred at on Malibongwe Drive just after Witkoppen Road.

Mamonyane said: "The motorcyclist was killed on Malibongwe Drive and Boundary Road just after 7am. He died on the scene."

The wounded 44-year-old driver of the car was treated on the scene by paramedics before being transported to hospital under police guard, said Mamonyane.

Netcare 911 spokesperson Santi Steinmann said the driver was in a serious condition.

Police recovered firearms from both men for ballistic testing, said Mogale. Police have opened a murder docket.


Earlier in 2013, Wheels24  reported on several videos posted on YouTube showing a group of bikers chasing a black Range Rover Sport. It was alleged that the driver in the vehicle had run over several bikers in an attempt to escape and protect his family from the gang.

Road rage isn't limited to the open road. Wheels24 also reported on a man in China who killed a two-year-old girl by throwing her to the ground after the girl's mother refused to make way for him to park his car.

Even the elderly are affected. Two men in the sixties literally fought to the death on August 3 2013), apparently over the right to a "disabled parking" slot.

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  • Marius Meyer - 2014-02-15 07:58

    Ouch, who write these articles?

  • Afrikanerbul van Springs - 2014-02-16 03:52

    Bikers should think car. I have yet to see a gentleman biker when he is on his bike. They change into Mad Max once they jump on their bikes. (I know there should, according to the law of averages be exceptions but sadly I have not seen any exceptions.)

      sean.james.7927 - 2014-02-16 22:27

      You can't be looking very hard then. There are many of us on the roads every day.

      Johan Grundling - 2014-02-17 09:27

      Bring on the lashing but too many bikers in SA are way too arrogant for their own good. There are the odd few good guys on bikes but by and large, majority of especially Super Bike bikers think the sun shines out of their ar$es. I have no sympathy for bikers that behave like fools and you often find them banging on the cars hoods or bonnets, hitting off the wing mirrors of cars and in the case of Fridays incident, having the arrogance and audacity to get off your bike to confront a fellow road user. That act in itself shows that the guy had total disregard for other road users and the fact that he approached the car with a firearm shows that he deserved what he got. He paid with his life because other peoples lives meant nothing to him. Tough! Bikers also think it is their right to weave between cars between 2 lanes... IT IS NOT YOUR RIGHT! AND IT IS ILLEGAL!! So follow traffic like the rest and enjoy your super bike the way I do by respecting other road users.

  • Sarah Stanton - 2014-02-17 08:43

    There is a problem with both sets of drivers here. I have seen car drivers behaving badly, and putting biker's lives at risk, and I have seen bikers behaving badly, smacking mirrors off cars,and on one special occasion the biker attacked a driver with his helmet. So, the problem does not rest with one group or the other. The problem is the general lack of respect that I see for the rules of the road, and for fellow road users. I see arrogance, selfish behavior, a constant "me first" attitude. We don't know all the details of this incident, but one thing is for damn sure - a man is dead, and two families are destroyed - all because there was a disagreement and someone lost their temper. Getting to our destination alive is more important than getting there 1st. Slow down, and treat all users of the roads with respect.

  • Christo De Meillon Strauss - 2014-02-17 15:39

    The indecent is shocking - but the hateful replies are worse! Obviously both guys made mistakes, and overreacted - with tragic consequences. But the way in which a lot of car drivers react is shocking !! How dare you say that it is a good thing that the biker was shot? I commute on a bike, and almost every single day a car would change lanes without indicating, swerve erratically when talking on the phone, or smoking or putting on make-up. No one is without blame here - but the one-sided hate of Bikers is Amazing. How do you guys sleep at night?

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