Journo slammed in 'kill a biker' row

2014-02-17 12:15

Motoring journalist Thegandra Naidoo has been given a leave of absence at Auto Business Review for his insensitive comments regarding the death of a biker. His comments? "I cannot wait for my day to come when I will open my door and a motorcyclist will fly off his bike and, hopefully, break his neck."

Wheels24 reported that the driver who allegedly shot and killed a motorcyclist in an apparent road rage incident in Johannesburg on February 14 2014 will appear in the Roodepoort Magistrate’s Court.

The driver and 39-year-old father of two, biker Douglas Pearce, were allegedly involved in a confrontation while travelling on Malibongwe Drive, Johannesburg. Lieutenant-Colonel Katlego Mogale said the two pulled off the road and continued the argument, during which the driver was injured and the biker killed. Firearms recovered from both men were sent for ballistics testing.

Mogale reported that the driver would be charged with murder in court on February 17 2014.


While many road users might feel strongly about the incident, it’s important to mindful of what is being said on social networks, especially if you’re a journalist. At no point should you advocate the death of fellow road users, as one journalist has on Facebook and Twitter.

Motoring journalist Thegandra Naidoo has come under severe fire for his remarks on the incident, particularly from his peers.

Naidoo, who works for Automotive Business Review and a web-based radio programme called BizRadio, posted on Facebook: “I don’t blame the guy that shot the motorcyclist. They are obnoxious and arrogant. I cannot wait for my day to come when I will open my door and a motorcyclist will fly off his bike and hopefully break his neck!”

Naidoo’s comments incensed the Jozi Rides blogger: “Now Thegandra, firstly you have to be a bit thick in the head to make generalizations such as that. Secondly, you are wishing for motorcyclists to break their necks, yet you are a motoring journalist? Wow.

"I would have expected comments like yours to arise on the internet from some 155kg troll who lives in his moms basement and stuffs down Doritos all day long. But these comments have come from someone who is a ‘motoring journalist’? I am shocked, and I am not the only one as can be seen on various social networks such as Ignition TV’s Facebook page."

"We could get really nasty here but listen up. You can apologize to the family of the deceased and retract your small-minded comments, or you can carry on living your pathetic hate-filled life. I think I am safe in saying you have deeply offended the biking community, and that is one community I would not want to offend."

Naidoo posted a letter of apology on February 16 2014. Here is an excerpt from his letter, also published on Jozi Rides:

“Dear bikers,
In light of my insensitive comments made about bikers, I wish to apologise to all motorcycle owners in South Africa. My comments were unwarranted and I did not consider that a large number of people commute on motorcycles and motorists, too, pose a threat to their livelihood on a daily basis.

I understand that all bikers are infuriated at my Facebook post. Rightfully so, they have every reason to do so. While we cannot change what has been done, I publicly apologise to everyone that I have offended.

I am hoping we can resolve this matter amicably and bring the matter to closure. I also do sympathise with the family who lost their loved one in the shooting along Malibongwe Drive. May his soul rest in peace.”

Fellow journalists were not convinced of the sincerity of Naidoo's apology.

F1 expert and former 5fm radio presenter, Sasha Martinengo, said: "Your pathetic apology is a sign of your spineless conviction of anything.. Come on my show....?"

UPDATE: The above followed strong condemnation on the original statement. (To clarify, these remarks below were made before the apology was published.)

Mark Smyth, a journalist at Business Day, said: “This is an absolutely disgusting comment. I hope I never come across Thegandra Naidoo again."

Gearheads SA editor Mark Holdsworth said: “Wow. That's truly despicable! Such a shame he has a platform for these toxic points of view.”

Motoring photographer and South African Guild of Motoring guild member, Waldo van der Waal, said:: Ashamed to be a part of the same guild as him. Or should i say 'was'? Either he goes or I go."

Since his comments, Naidoo has been given a leave of absence at ABR:

Graham Erasmus, Publisher at Automotive Business Review, said: “It was with deep shock and regret that I discovered that one of our editors, Thegandra Naidoo, had made intemperate comments on his Facebook page.

Whilst these comments were made after office hours and by Naidoo in his personal capacity, and apparently in the heat of the moment, I simply cannot condone such behaviour and Naidoo has been placed on leave of absence, with immediate notice.

I shall be conducting a full investigation into this incident, and hope to come to a decision about Naidoo’s future participation in ABR within a couple of days. I wish to make this decision in the cold light of day, rather than from my current emotional perspective, because I myself have a daughter and son-in-law who are bikers. “

The SA Guild of Motoring Journalists posted the following on Facebook:

“The South African Guild of Motoring Journalists (SAGMJ) wishes to clarify its position on road safety following comments made by a member of the organisation, Mr Thegandra Naidoo, on social media on 14 February 2014. The comments – that have since gone viral across various platforms – were made in Mr Naidoo’s personal capacity and are not in concurrence with the values of the SAGMJ. “

“We would like to assure the motorcycling community that we are in the process of taking the appropriate disciplinary actions, as prescribed by our constitution, to address the matter.”


"It was really uncalled for", "Why is he still employed as a motoring journalist?", "He needs a smack against his thick head,' Wheels24 readers to motoring journalist Thegandra Naidoo's insensitive comments regarding the death of a biker.

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  • Kevin Marsh - 2014-02-17 12:24

    What a horrible little weasel ? Fire him

      Chris Gill - 2014-02-17 12:38

      Where's Mac Maharaj when you need him?

      Piet Pompies - 2014-02-17 12:54

      Fire him !!!

      frikkie.d.lange - 2014-02-17 13:03

      What a stupid thing to say by the journo. But also bikers need to understand that the same road rules apply to them than everybody else. Stay in a lane, keep to the proper speed limit and change lanes properly. You also have part in why these things happen.

      Rajen Chetty - 2014-02-17 13:30

      If I was Naidoo, I would leave this country immediately for the comments he made whether it was after hours or during hours it does matter. He is no longer safe to be living in this society of people that feel humbly to loss of life in any sort or kind. Naidoo, you are a disgrace to our Indian community, if I was your parent you would have been dead by know for such comments as Indians do not make such statements, only Juju is allowed, did'nt your mother/father teach you you Idiot?

      Maarten Slabbert063 - 2014-02-17 13:44

      Frikkie de Lange, you see. This is the general ignorance that we as bikers face. Lane splitting is legal given a couple of pre-conditions. The national road traffic act, paragraph 309, states that a motorcycle may, where a public road is divided into traffic lanes, regard each such lane as a separate public road. And, although a motorcycle may share a lane with another vehicle, this rule does not apply to other vehicles. A bike may share with a car, but not vice versa. Paragraph 298 of the act is still applicable, i.e. Indicating your intentions, making safe overtaking possible, which side to overtake on in certain instances and so on. If you need further help, have a look at page 64 of the new k53 manual.... Yes, the responsibility to filter through traffic safely is that of the biker. But, he is fully within his rights to do so

      Raymon McNelly - 2014-02-17 17:28

      It feels to me like the only reason he's apologizing is because he stands to lose his job. Here is my heart-felt middle finger for you mr. Naidoo

      David Joffe - 2014-02-17 19:51

      @"But also bikers need to understand that the same road rules apply to them than everybody else" ^ This is the same reasoning error exhibited by Thegandra Naidoo: A mistaken belief that all bikers are the same. They're not ... they're unrelated individuals. Sure, some ignore road rules - JUST LIKE CAR DRIVERS. But most people are smart enough to realize that when one biker (or car driver) breaks a road rule, it doesn't mean all bikers (or car drivers) do. It's the same mentality that gives rise to racism: Seeing a few individuals do something, then assuming all members of that 'group' do the same thing (e.g. "all bikers do X" = "all black people do Y" = "all Jews do Z" etc.)... it's the same erroneous reasoning that created Apartheid, and the same reasoning error was the basis of Hitler's 'final solution' ... we've only "progressed" in 2014 to 'hur hur let's kill bikers'. @"I cannot wait for my day to come when I will open my door and a motorcyclist will fly off his bike and hopefully break his neck!" And when that happens, Thegandra, you'll be prosecuted and sent to jail for homicide. Thegandra felt OK saying such a thing publicly because most people already say such vile things publicly ... but people should remember before internalizing such inanities is that deliberately murdering another person on the road is a crime, is not tolerated by the justice system, and will be punished. And, it's evil.

      Jan van Niekerk - 2014-02-17 20:37

      I will be more sensitive to the biker community when they stop trying kill me and stop trying to damage my vehicles. I will be more accommodating to their feelings when they make their lousy machines quiet. I don't care how many good ones there are. The bad apples are so bad they can all rot.

      Adriaan Steyn - 2014-02-17 23:37

      he should never be allowed to work in the capacity of motoring journalism.

      Peter Bastiaans - 2014-02-19 17:01

      @ Jan Van Niekerk What a stupid comment by a stupid brain dead moron So if there are really a bad group of motorists then all motorists must rot ???? What size is your brain ? Most probably smaller than a pea Have you ever sat next to the road holding a dead friends hand because a motorist skipped a stop street and took him out . No I don't suppose so as you most probably couldn't even handle a trycicle . and by the way we were doing 70kmh in a 80 kmh area so speeding was not an issue you prick. I would love to take my 'lousy bike's' loud pipe(which makes me visible to motorists)and shove it up your pipe Its your lousy attitude that irrates the calm and law abiding bikers into doing something they don't want to Hope I get you on the road one day!!!!!!!!

  • Johan Godfrey van Wyk - 2014-02-17 12:48

    There is a special place in hell for vermin like you Naidoo...you don't understand that you have offended the entire biking brotherhood, balck, white, Indian, coloured, men and women, and a whole lot more...and worst of all, 95% of bikers are also motorists you moron...and if Graham Erasmus hadn't distanced himself from your hateful remarks, the consequences for his magazine would have been disastrous....Fire the idiot Graham and be done with him!!!! We will not forget his remarks in a hurry....

      Inhlanzi Bold - 2014-02-17 13:02

      There is no hell, so no special place for him or anyone else

      Michael Lewis - 2014-02-17 13:29

      Nope, afraid not. I know it probably makes you feel better to believe that evil people will be judged and found wanting, and upstanding citizens like yourselves will be able to gloat and point with smug assurance while they burn and suffer and scream. It serves to calm you, and make the terrible things people do a little more bearable, knowing they won't get away with it in the end. But that's all it is, you making yourself feel better and a little less helpless about not being able to change our screwed up world.

      jason.hepple.5 - 2014-02-17 13:29

      Just like Johan's comment Inhlanzi... That is a personal opinion! If you don't like the belief in hell, don't believe it! Don't take that opportunity to dismiss someone else's opinion just because it offends your belief... Or lack there of.

      Michael Lewis - 2014-02-17 13:36

      Jason - Perhaps your'e right, maybe Inhlanzi and I shouldn't take the oppurunity, it's just so tempting when people come up with gems like "a special place in hell". But let's move on from there... So you're saying that it's OK for someone to be condemned to an eternity of pain, and not just the normal run of the mill-hell-pain, no but the "special" kind they reserve for the worst of the worst, because he posted an inflammatory remark on Facebook. Wow, if that's the yardstick for what kind of hell we're in for, look out world. The original "special place in hell" comment was ludicrous regardless of whether there's a hell or not. The journo hasn't actually killed any bikers yet, making an ill-advised statement that it's OK it bad, but does he really deserve "a special place in hell?" No he doesn't. Inhlanzi and myself just felt the need to point out the pointlessness of Johan's point.

      Inhlanzi Bold - 2014-02-17 13:36

      It doesn't offend me, I'm just trying to enlighten him by sharing a fact

      Michael Lewis - 2014-02-17 13:38

      Let he who is without sin cast the first stone...blah blah blah...and all that. Seems everyone is very quick to judge and consign the grantedly idiotic journo to the deepest levels of hell where they stick pineapples up your balloon-knot all day long.

      Michael Lewis - 2014-02-17 13:39

      I'm done now.

      Johan Jordaan - 2014-02-17 15:59

      Inhlanzi Bold you say it is a fact that there is no hell, not just your opinion? So I take it you have 100% knowledge of everything everywhere in the entire universe? You have been everywhere, seen everything and read every book with 100% understanding and then came to the conclusion that there is in fact no hell. Or did you base that opinion on normal limited experience and understanding like the average Joe would have?

      Jan van Niekerk - 2014-02-17 20:39

      What a shining example of innocence you must be. How righteous your wrath must be, considering that you do no wrong.

      Andre Cronje - 2014-02-19 11:06

      I think Jan Van Niekerk needs a leo vince down his throat so he can whistle jan pieriwiet out his ass

  • Gerald Lourens - 2014-02-17 12:51

    I am a biker and a fellow road user with the same rights as anyone on the roads, His apology means jacksh*t as it is clear it was out of desperation to do so in order to keep his mode of income. Absolutely disgusted by his comment and so call apology, SACK him I say!

      David Joffe - 2014-02-17 20:02

      The scary part is why Thegandra felt it was acceptable to say such a thing publicly: Because, and we all know it, many people ALREADY say such things openly 'around the braai' and at dinner tables. And absurdly, our notion of 'manners' dictates that we politely nod, instead of (as we all should do) immediately shaming people for such violent barbarism ... and that's why such violent attitudes grow and fester in society.

  • King Jack - 2014-02-17 12:51

    This is why you should never act when emotional, this also goes to any motorist out there. Walk away

  • Spiessa - 2014-02-17 12:52

    It's time people started to realize that you are responsible for your comments on social media. The fact of the matter is that a father and husband is dead, and another might be going to prison for a long time. Let's keep in mind that this is a tragedy whichever side you look at it from. Some bikers and some motorists are equally guilty of stupid actions. This does not mean they are all bad, or that we can go around shooting and assaulting each other. Hopefully similar future incidents can be avoided.

      Jan van Niekerk - 2014-02-17 20:54

      Rubbish. Not "some bikers", but "almost all bikers". I just heard an idiot now. As loud as the train, just not carrying tons of freight.

      Shane Blackbeard - 2014-02-18 09:22

      @Jan, you're mouth is as big as some pipes

  • Shadwick Daniels - 2014-02-17 13:07

    My comments were unwarranted and I did not consider that a large number of people commute on motorcycles and motorists, too, pose a threat to their livelihood on a daily basis. (seriously??? he did not know this?? What planet does he come from???) This guy is a joke and I sincerely hope this is the last we will hear from him for a long long long time.

      Kornel Kucorovski - 2014-02-17 17:41

      Shadwick I agree he is a motoring journalist and if he does not know the extent of his offensive remark then it is safe to say he is not a very good motoring journalist and is therefore inept at journalism and therefore he should be fired either way!

  • John Brink - 2014-02-17 13:10

    How to ruin your career/life in twenty something words. A pathetic apology to the people that you have offended.

      merkwaardig - 2014-02-17 13:14

      I am obese, live in my mom's basement, and love doritos. I find Jozo Rides' comments insensitive, insulting, and in violation of my right to human dignity.

  • Greg White - 2014-02-17 13:15

    Everyone needs to settle the f..k down. So someone had a opinion that was crass and uncalled for. Accept the apology or don't but what more do you want? Start lynching people for having an opinion that doesn't meet with your approval? FFS.

      Michael Winstanley - 2014-02-17 13:33

      An apology wont fix the damage done to the family who were grieving when he made his evil remarks. Should we accept an apology from Idi Amin or Adolf Hitler? I think not, the man is evil

      Bettie Kloppers - 2014-02-17 13:48

      Get a life, that was not his opinion, he said he cant wait for the day to open his car door in front of a biker, and he hope the biker will break his neck. This man is evil, and you stand up for him???

      Shaun Blackmore-Reed - 2014-02-17 18:53

      Greg-please consider the BIG picture here. While no-one will miss Naidoo, the harsh reality is that I now have to contend with the bloodthirsty morons that took his comments to heart and through the seed planted also have it in for bikers. Great, just what I needed on my morning commute... His apology was corporate arse-covering at best, and a smug PC, slap in the face at worst. What he really should be doing to atone for for his idiocy is to spearhead an awareness/tolerance campaign aimed at bikers and motorists. Pro's/Con's, what's legal, what's not, etc etc. I'd support it, if only because I've also been an idiot and said stuff I'd regretted.

      David Joffe - 2014-02-17 20:11

      Oh please, it's not "lynching" when you threaten to murder people, and society intervenes to stop you. If someone is going around threatening others and advocating murder, then that person is a danger to others, and society rightfully has a right to intervene and do what is necessary to stop that person before they harm someone. People rightfully may 'disapprove' of an opinion that is an expressed murder threat.

  • Selwyn Lloyd - 2014-02-17 13:19

    Only because he has been found out that he apologises, to think that he is in the motoring world and make such comments are not acceptable. He did not realise the motorcycling community was so big, if you did not know that then you are lying through your teeth. Why must you make such harsh comments?, leave it for the courts to decide who was wrong. FIRE HIM!!! I guess it was you who used a pseudo name as well so as not to be caught out, well hey karma sucks ne!!! Also all the comments you made have disappeared!

      Quentin Nothling - 2014-02-17 14:40

      Who cares how big the motorcycles community is!! if it is one or a billion he made a death threat!!! plain and simple

  • Mynard Du Preez - 2014-02-17 13:19

    I don't like anyone loosing their job for a clearly stupid mistake. But just like road rage this was done in the heat of the moment with absolutely nothing to be proven by either party other than they are hot headed idiots at that time. It's just lucky that he made his comment on a platform that didn't physically hurt anyone. other than the trigger happy road ragers on malibongwe. I'm not a hipocrate, I also get upset on the road, I am a gun owner and a biker. but never had the need to kill anyone. despite being shot at on the road before. Sad bit is no one will really learn from this or think about it again after the hype is gone anyway. Just hope that the next guy does think clearer.

  • Suzuki Tls - 2014-02-17 13:21

    I think I am safe in saying you have deeply offended the biking community, and that is one community I would not want to offend." Thegandra Naidoo I suggest you go for a "face off" experience because if you get recognised on the road by "The Community" you just might slip and break your face...

      Suzuki Tls - 2014-02-17 13:51

      Bernard - Quite the contrary - I do not ride in between cars in slow moving traffic, I do not Ride over the speed limit either - When riding I do so in the middle of the lane just like any car... Your assumptions has no ground. I am a responsible road user with a family that I provide for so why would I put myself at risk riding like a bat out of hell? That is just stupid.

      Albert-John Park - 2014-02-17 14:12

      @Bernard I'm a biker and I belong to a club. We don't have a gangster mentality, the only thing we ask is that everyone driving in cars should respect us as road users also. Maybe you have misjudged the speed of the bikes because they are smaller and it sometimes looks faster than what their really going. Don't get me wrong there are some individuals that do ride like maniacs but I can't beliieve all bikers in your area ride like maniacs.

      Lauren Dollie - 2014-02-17 14:27

      Bernard - you shouldn't generalize because all bikers are not like that. And we most certainly do not have gangster mentality......do some research on what we do before you label us!

      Quentin Nothling - 2014-02-17 14:48

      Bernard how about this thought. When you see us coming along how about just move over slightly, (we actually appreciate that and say thanks 95% of the time) and why do we get so peed off? you make a mistake in a car it is your car in the panel beaters for a week or three you hit us, and it is 3 weeks in hospital for us!! Yes some are total nuts but it is the normal case in this country 5% stuffs it up for the other 95%.

      Christa Chrissie Brandkamp - 2014-02-17 17:23

      @BERNARD: I am not a "Biker', I don't belong to a club, I don't ride a speedbike, I ride a motorbike because I enjoy it and it is one of my passions, I use it for transport, I go on holiday with it, I even go shopping on it sometimes and just like a lot of people in cars, I do speed sometimes and I don't always obey all the rules! BUT I NEVER purposely go out to hurt someone, I am courteous in traffic and I appreciate those drivers that make space. Sadly many car drivers take one look at me and close the gap, some have even gone as far as trying to run me off the road, just because I had the 'audacity' to pass them! I have stood at a traffic light and a car drove up so close to me that his front wheel touched my boots, I have been bumped from behind twice because the idiot assumed that because I'm a 'bad-ass' biker I would not stop at a traffic light or stop street!! Yes, bikes are generally faster, but really now, does that mean cars have to cut us off and try to take us out?

      Jan van Niekerk - 2014-02-17 20:55

      Bikers: the religion of peace.

      David Joffe - 2014-02-18 16:34

      @Bernard "... everyone I've ever met are arrogant and selfish road users, and would quicker get off their bikes and want to fight than admit that they are wrong" I've been driving ~20 years and never ONCE had a biker try fight with me or do anything remotely aggressive to me. EVER. I have to wonder if it happens to you often, maybe you are actually inadvertently doing something either inconsiderate or wrong, maybe without realizing it? The only "run-in" I've ever had with a biker was when I made a stupid mistake and almost killed a biker; even then there was no fight, just some frustrated hand-waving. Since then I've tried to be more careful. These people who complain that they regularly have motorcyclists breaking their mirrors etc. while claiming they never do anything wrong - I have to wonder how that's possible, once maybe but if it happens to someone multiple times, they should do some honest introspection as they are probably doing *something* wrong.

  • Pamberi ne Harare - 2014-02-17 13:25

    That's totally insensitive.

  • Robyn van der Merwe - 2014-02-17 13:25

    As someone who's husband rides motorcycles (and I often ride pillion), it's so scary that there are people who even THINK that sort of thing, never mind feel comfortable enough to put it into words on social media. Sad.

  • Jim Page - 2014-02-17 13:25

    I would hope that the SAGMJ would have little hesitation in revoking the membership of this person. As an accredited motoring journalist, there is no place for personal opinions that are at odds with the aims of the Guild.

  • Michael Winstanley - 2014-02-17 13:31

    I wish on Naidoo the same as he wishes on bikers and I hope he lives the rest of his life looking over his shoulder.

      Jan van Niekerk - 2014-02-17 20:58

      Why should he look over his shoulder? Are you about to impact his car door?

      Warren Thirlwell - 2014-02-17 23:46

      Bit hard for him to look over his shoulder with a broken neck. Haha Hope he gets all that he wishes on others.

      David Joffe - 2014-02-18 16:37

      @"Why should he look over his shoulder?" Because, I dunno, he publicly threatened to murder innocent people on the roads using his vehicle?

  • Madumetja April - 2014-02-17 13:31

    what happend to '' you are entitled to your own opinion''?

      Marcel De Graaf - 2014-02-17 13:45

      Making a comment on a public platform about purposefully injuring someone and hoping they would die can hardly be construed as an opinion.

      Sunshiny Day - 2014-02-17 13:52

      Of course people are entitled to their opinions, but threatening death is not an opinion.

      Quentin Nothling - 2014-02-17 14:52

      last time I checked death threats are illegal

      Kenny Williams - 2014-02-17 21:00

      Madumetja, well my opinion is that you are a total moron.

  • Andile Mehlonyosi - 2014-02-17 13:32

    Despicable, shameful!

  • Graeme de Villiers - 2014-02-17 13:38

    What quality of journalist is this fellow if he spells obnoxious 'abnoxious'? Could anyone ever take him seriously, regardless?

  • marcogresele - 2014-02-17 13:39

    What an idiot

  • Candice Jansen van Vuuren - 2014-02-17 13:40

    I am a biker/scooter person and I am appauled by this. Cars and other vechiles cut you off and aim for you. I only have this as my transport and I work pay my taxes and am thoughtful on the road.People in general are too quick to point fingers, we all want to get were we are going alive. This guy should be fired for saying the krap he said.

      Jan van Niekerk - 2014-02-17 20:58

      Why do you think it is that cars and other vehicles so despise bikers?

      Kenny Williams - 2014-02-17 21:03

      Jan, the same reason some people hate blacks. Because they are bigoted morons. Be careful, one of your family may end up riding a bike. Maybe you wish that on them as well. MORON.

  • Shaun Malambo - 2014-02-17 13:44

    If the Oscar & Reeva story is not enough? Now this fiasco? We really living in a violent country.

  • Sunshiny Day - 2014-02-17 13:49

    While I personally don't like bikers his comments were completely out of line. He should have been dismissed immediately, not just placed on leave.

      Lauren Dollie - 2014-02-17 14:28

      Why don't you like bikers?

      Christa Chrissie Brandkamp - 2014-02-17 17:29

      Yes, good question? Why don't you like people that ride motorbikes? We are not all long haired, dirty, foul mouthed heathens! I'm a mother of 3, I also ride horses and drive a 4x4, I have pets and live in a house and do my work, just like you do? The difference is that I like riding on 2 wheels... it's a fantastic feeling! And I must just add that there are different types of Bikers... we look like a brotherhood, but in reality we are often at odds with each other due to the different types of riding we do and the types of bikes we ride. Just sayin'...

      Lorna Murdoch-Eaton - 2014-02-17 18:44

      I've heard others say they "don't like bikers" too. It seems the main reasons are 1) "Bikes are noisy" (but trucks are MUCH noisier and I've never heard complaints about their noise) 2) "Bikers think they own the road" (actually - they DO own the road, just as much as other motorists do) 3) "Bikers cause accidents" (well bikes are very hard to see and they SHOULD make sure they are visible in the rear-view mirrors of the cars around them, as much as possible).

      Jan van Niekerk - 2014-02-17 21:03

      1) Some poorly tuned trucks may be noisier than bikes, but they don't race around my suburb where the speed limit is 60km/h. 2) Some bikers don't just think they own the road, but they believe it their right to enforce their own twisted view of the road rules on others. 3) Bikes and accidents: this is the one thing that keeps me sane with respect to them: we salute you who are about to die. 4) Bikers in my rear view mirror are irrelevant when I am traveling at the speed limit. If they wish to take their lives in their hands, that is their responsibility.

      Kenny Williams - 2014-02-17 21:07

      SunshinyDay, so you do not know me at all yet you don't like me? Not that I care a dam, but I have a reason not to like you. You are an idiot as one can tell from your comment. Your brain seems to have been placed on leave.

      Lizette Freeman - 2014-02-18 08:30

      1. Loud pipes saves lives!!! 2. If a biker makes a noise in your area you stay in, report it or get up and talk to the person. 3. I agree some of us bikers are asses and dont always think beyond what you doing on your bike. 4. Booze is actually the problem with all evil which includes cars and bikes both are quilty, both get loud and out of hand when they have too much in!!! 5. not all bikers are the same, eg I dont drink, I dont ride on my bike in the evenings if I can help it, yes I make a huge noise as I ride 3 Harleys!!! But they loud for a reason. I dont change lanes only because I can not as my bike is too wide and cars dont give way, so I sit behind them unless a awesome car user gives way then I do pass and use the lanes. 6. Using the lanes gives us time to see what some idiots do in there cars and believe me there are more idiots in cars than on bikes. 7. Respect is needed and a lack of this brings angry and hurt. 8. We do more for charity than any car roaf user thinks they do. 9. We do more for animal, old people and today for the disadvantage kids than any car user does. 10. We look after the nature, we dont like how many car users throw there papers and goods out of there windows and mess up our land. The list can go on and on, why dont you like a biker, one of them proberly broke your heart and now you hate us all.

      Lizette Freeman - 2014-02-18 08:47

      1. Loud pipes saves lives!!! 2. If a biker makes a noise in your area you stay in, report it or get up and talk to the person. 3. I agree some of us bikers are asses and dont always think beyond what you doing on your bike. 4. Booze is actually the problem with all evil which includes cars and bikes both are quilty, both get loud and out of hand when they have too much in!!! 5. not all bikers are the same, eg I dont drink, I dont ride on my bike in the evenings if I can help it, yes I make a huge noise as I ride 3 Harleys!!! But they loud for a reason. I dont change lanes only because I can not as my bike is too wide and cars dont give way, so I sit behind them unless a awesome car user gives way then I do pass and use the lanes. 6. Using the lanes gives us time to see what some idiots do in there cars and believe me there are more idiots in cars than on bikes. 7. Respect is needed and a lack of this brings angry and hurt. 8. We do more for charity than any car roaf user thinks they do. 9. We do more for animal, old people and today for the disadvantage kids than any car user does. 10. We look after the nature, we dont like how many car users throw there papers and goods out of there windows and mess up our land. The list can go on and on, why dont you like a biker, one of them proberly broke your heart and now you hate us all.

      SunshinyDay - 2014-02-18 14:45

      I don't like bikers for the same reasons why I don't like other motorists- I have come across way too many inconsiderate, law breaking idiots on the roads. I have been cut off by bikers turning right, coming from my left (to the point where I almost caused an accident slamming on my breaks for them), I have been cut off by bikers who want to weave in and out of traffic but then want to drive in the middle of the lane without any indication, causing me to almost hit them. I am very tolerant towards bikers because I understand the risk is greater with them (my uncle died in a bike accident some years back) but it doesn't mean that I like them. I generally don't like anyone on the roads but I certainly don't make it a habit to "aim" for bikers and such (which one biker has said all motorists do in another article). I always move out the way for bikers if I am able to and if they bother to give any sort of indication then I give them way. Christa, believe me I am friends with many foulmouthed, long haired, tattooed up people, it doesn't bother me in the slightest. :) Kenny, you are calling me an idiot based on my general comment yet you find it fair to personally attack me? Seems a bit hypocritical?

      SunshinyDay - 2014-02-18 14:55

      Lizette, I did once to and ask a young gent who was with his bike and friends to please keep it down, it ended up with them coming by my unit shortly after, banging on the gate and door (locked, luckily) for about 10 minutes before they eventually went away. I think most road users have a lack of respect not only for the rules of the road and for others, but also for themselves. The way some people behave in traffic (hooting, throwing hands up, etc) is laughable. When I was last on a bike the guy I was driving with had no regard for the fact that I didn't have a helmet or protective gear and drove faster than the speed limit despite my asking him at robots to please drive slower (I needed a lift in a hurry and he was the only one available). But as I stated I am very tolerant towards bikers, I have just come across too many bad ones to like the group as a whole. Same goes for motorists.

  • Kate Capazorio - 2014-02-17 13:49

    Just shows u what kind of person he is applauding murder and admitting he wld do the same. Shame on u

  • Brian A Sparrow - 2014-02-17 14:03

    could be a hard thing to do,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, but count to 10 first (measure 3 times and cut once)

  • Chris Bester - 2014-02-17 14:17

    Mr Naidoo, be careful! As we say in afrikaans, " jou bek gaan maak dat jou gat slae kry"!!

  • stefan.strydom.902 - 2014-02-17 14:20

    Screw your apology letter. Can't wait until you and your kids drive into a 20 ton truck!! Useless toss bag!!

      stefan.strydom.902 - 2014-02-17 14:39

      You might not like my comment but that is pretty much what he said to all bikers. And their kids. And their friends... So I maintain: Toss bag, enjoy your accident!

      Lorna Murdoch-Eaton - 2014-02-17 18:46

      Crap Dragonfly - by saying that you are worse than he is. He wasn't wishing bikers kids harm too. He may be a useless toss bag but so are you. Why all the words of hate? Everyone says stupid things sometimes - you've just proved that.

      stefan.strydom.902 - 2014-02-17 19:14

      Lorna WTF does &:39;.,. Mean?? Are you illiterate?? Or do you have Parkinson's??

  • Travis Smith - 2014-02-17 14:32

    Well done to ABR.

  • Rory Jarrett - 2014-02-17 14:36

    You will never carry out your threat as you are spineless and your mouth is bigger than your balls. Grow up and stop being vindictive!!!

  • Vernon Meakin - 2014-02-17 14:38

    Please look me up little man .You are a complete waste of oxygen.

  • Colin Traumatizer Zungu - 2014-02-17 14:43

    Well done Naidoo! Why apologise for for freedom of speech that we fought so hard for? Bikers do not own the road and i have been in a similar situation with a group of them in Richardsbay.If i had a gun i would have shot,let me sat it again,i would have shot all of them dead.The road is ours to use not a certain bunch of people who think they above everything on earth.If it happens again i shall do what Naidoo said.Very good Naidoo!!!

      Michael Winstanley - 2014-02-17 14:47

      Wow, I suppose you vote for Malema and sing "kill the boer" as well. I wish on you the same as you wish on others

      Craig Daly - 2014-02-17 15:06

      Colin you are being such a chop, really. You have a little incident cause you weren't looking in your mirror and now you make a flat out statement like Mr Naidoo. If I had a wish it would be that idiots like you use public transport, safer for all of us in fact

      Rudzani Sadiki - 2014-02-17 16:03

      You are suffering from Traumatonzyme Syndrome

      Lorna Murdoch-Eaton - 2014-02-17 18:51

      You need professional psychiatric help Zungu. Bikers have every right to use the roads. Your comment is disgusting and if you deliberately cause someone to lose their life on the roads you become a murderer who deserves the death penalty,

      Charl Moller - 2014-02-17 21:39

      With that mentality, they should have kicked your ass idiot !!

  • Derek Whittal - 2014-02-17 14:47

    Naaidoo... I believe in Karma... and you will suffer for this tosshead statement. I sincerely hope it is at the hands of a few biker club members, after you have inflicted the injuries you seem to be hoping to inflict, on one of their members. In my opinion you're nothing but a muletwat... of no use to man or beast... a worthless lump of meat that is unable to do anything in life. Just like you, I also cannot wait... for the day a Mack truck rides over you, squeezing you out of your worthless skin like a grape being pressed from its skin. Take your worthless apology and shove it up your chocolate starfish. Oh... I suggest you keep looking over your shoulder for one of the biking fraternity that you have pissed off, so that you can beg and plead with him to spare your worthless hide. It will give me great pleasure to hear that you have been fired for your uncalled for comment; then you can drive a broom in the gutters of your hometown, and write about the superb handling of the double-header grass as opposed to the single-header nylon broom. This is hate speech, no different from political wannabe's singing "Kill the Boer..." etc. You've put your intentions out there... you'd better beware

  • Deon Lombard - 2014-02-17 14:50

    He should be sued by all bikers who should demand that he is banned from driving until at least he is rehabilitated because of his self expressed desire to kill motorcyclists...Someone like him is a danger to bikers...

  • Jaco Schoeman - 2014-02-17 14:51

    His level of intelligence indicative by his spelling acumen - "abnoxious"? Open a door in his face!

  • Ingrid Von Stein - 2014-02-17 14:51

    Please be advised that he does not work for ebizradio and does his weekly motoring slot on a completely voluntary basis. His personal views are not those of our media platform. ebizradio management

      Quentin Nothling - 2014-02-17 14:57

      dump him

  • Lena Weppenaar - 2014-02-17 14:56

    MR Naidoo..YOU're a bloody asswipe! The war is on. Threaten to kill one of our fellow bikers..We'll make sure to wipe the smile from your face..NO Written excuse from an IDIOT such as yourself is acceptable! Drive safely in your little car cause you just opened a can of worms that you can't handle! Hell has no fury like a scorned biker!

      Lorna Murdoch-Eaton - 2014-02-17 18:56

      Forget it bikers... everyone says stupid things sometimes. Don't give that fool more time and attention than he deserves. (That might be what he was after).

      Margaret Cox - 2014-02-17 20:10

      Well said, Lorna. We are bigger than that.

  • Craig Daly - 2014-02-17 14:57

    You are such a chop, with those glasses I bet you never even rode a bicycle... Geek. Motorcyclists are probably the most courteous riders on the road, don't hate them cause they have the sense to skip traffic jams.I can understand how some riders get so frustrated with the lack of respect shown my some road users, its an unfortunate incident and its chops like you who have an unbalanced view on the situation, and you are supposed to be the expert and a role model for your industry

      Christa Chrissie Brandkamp - 2014-02-17 17:37

      Hey hey hey... don't knock the Geeks... some of my best friends are Geeks and Bikers... ;-)

  • Blinde Sambok - 2014-02-17 15:14

    I believe the sun must shine on all and we all have the right to use the road and most times I move over for the bikers when I see them but guys this lane splitting thing will still kill a lot of bikers. Just last week I nearly took out a biker as he came past from behind at speed in peak traffick and I did not see him. You have to focus on the cars all around you and when changing lanes there are blind spots. It also did not help that his light was not on. Please guys - slow down, I do not want to have a dead biker on my concience.

      Christa Chrissie Brandkamp - 2014-02-17 17:45

      Actually lane splitting is in many ways safer than being behind the cars... I've been bumped from behind twice already. Also, the wind buffering when riding behind bigger vehicles is quite bad, makes it very unpleasant and wobbly, and of course there's the visibility issue, it is much easier to see what goes on in front if one is not stuck behind cars. Oh, and another thing... it is very difficult to keep steady in very slow moving traffic, logic should tell you that on two wheel you must stay in motion to keep upright... also very hard on the left hand (clutch) when one has to go stop start, so filtering through the traffic is not just a 'want to' it's a 'has to' situation. Learn to ride a bike first, then comment again! Most Bikers are also car drivers, so we know the best and worst of both worlds!

      Lorna Murdoch-Eaton - 2014-02-17 19:02

      Christa, Blinde has a point there though. I have found bikes VERY hard to see (even though my brothers both rode bikes and I'm very aware of them) I think they are very vulnerable and must always ride as though they are invisible to all the cars and trucks around and make allowances for that. Make sure that you are visible in people's rear view mirrors. Give vehicles as wide a berth as possible. DON'T get hurt. Please. Like Blinde, I would never rest if I hurt or killed a biker (or anyone).

      Kwashirai Chigodora - 2014-02-18 19:09

      True... lane splitting is alright but MUST be done properly and with care. If cars are crawling along at 20 km/h in traffic it does not make sense to zoom by at 60 km/h. you could even take out unwitting pedestrians wrongly crossing between cars. If you are going to wisely beat the traffic by lane splitting then please crawl by at a reasonable speed for safety reasons. ignore jealous motorists. Also do not zoom past cars travelling at 60 km/h and then quickly weave into their following distance expecting them to then have to jump on their brakes to follow you safely. instead only overtake when sure the space in from of the car you overtaking is enough for you to enter and allow him/her to slow down and stop safely .... or he or she will feel the anger rise and wanna bump your gently to teach you a lesson, with disastrous consequences. Remember you still need to be careful and courteous on a bike too. unfortunately not all bikers know how. time for public education.

  • mmmmTim - 2014-02-17 15:15

    It is remarkable to compare the comments about this mans stupid comments and the comments made about No. 1, Zoomer. There has been as much violence proposed against No. 1 as this guy foolishly wrote. The difference is that there is zero support for No. 1 and a lot of upset bikers. At the end of the argument I am all for freedom of speech, after all the politicians spend their whole time lying and stirring up hate, but expect the consequences of what you say. I don't see many politicians losing their jobs for the outright lies they come up with, so why should this journo.

      Michael Winstanley - 2014-02-17 15:27

      Because he advocated the deliberate slaughter of motorcyclists, politicians only steal

      Lorna Murdoch-Eaton - 2014-02-17 19:05

      Tim, freedom of speech does not include hate-speech against any group. This fool Naidoo, was uttering hate-speech and it is actually a good thing that he is facing such a backlash for it. Politicians are in a different category. Sort of a worm category ....

  • Etienne Van Rensburg - 2014-02-17 15:39

    Dear Grahan, if Darren Scott was sacked then so should this idiot. To mr. Naidoo, I hope that your comment will be remembered for a very long time and that if you are ever involved in an accident with a bike that it would bite you in the ass.

  • Leon Vlam Zeiler - 2014-02-17 15:43

    Thegandra Naidoo, your photo and personal details will be distributed to the expected 5600 strong biker community at the next BAT (Bikers against e-tol)demonstration planned for later this month. You cannot hide from all of us.

      Salushan Pillay - 2014-03-28 16:01

      Aaaah, the gold old Brakpan mentality!

  • Stephen Michael - 2014-02-17 16:08

    What a douche

  • cj.keuler - 2014-02-17 17:01

    Typical Basil

  • Neil Brown - 2014-02-17 17:06

    Luckily to Dr Leatt I will survive my fall after hitting your door Mr Naidoo. Then I will come and "orientate" you on observation and road user politeness....

  • Zama Airy Mvulane - 2014-02-17 17:06

    Thegandra's comments are just too thoughtless or even a clear incitement of violence against bikers! But bikers also need to do some introspection. The sad reality is that a large number of them are not just arrogant and rude, but just a danger to themselves!

  • Greg White - 2014-02-17 17:36

    Judging from the hateful vitriol emanating from our "peaceful" bikers, maybe the general dislike motorists have of motorcyclists has substance. Now prove me wrong.

      Christa Chrissie Brandkamp - 2014-02-17 17:53

      There are just as many bad tempered car drivers out there who want to kill all sorts of people, they just don't call themselves a brotherhood and don't comment in unison... And I don't agree with the one's that want revenge, so don't you dare paint us all with the same brush! Some bikers are hot headed, but the majority are not. And you may be surprised to learn that you probably have colleagues and acquaintances who ride bikes too! And they are just like all other people. It's like saying all BMW drivers are idiots... some probably are, but most are not. Sadly the death of a fellow Biker does seem to bring out the worst in people.

  • Mike Lopez - 2014-02-17 17:38

    Fire him!

  • Brad Schafer - 2014-02-17 17:53

    I wonder if this chap is a member of that Indian sect called the thuggi ??

  • Joey Moodley - 2014-02-17 17:54

    Hey Naidoo ..I African/Indian Biker from the age of 6.Lucky for me my dad exposed me to the joys of biking.Your comment about bikers stems from some dark corner of your twisted mind.I am sure when you were 6 you had face messed will curry and holding on to your mothers tails you twart!!

      Salushan Pillay - 2014-03-28 16:00

      I was exposed to curry. Are you being prejudice? You had a tricycle, not a motorbike.

  • Andrew Roseveare - 2014-02-17 17:55

    I think everyone just needs to chill out. An incident occurred that should have been a non issue. I het the whole idea of motorists been pissed off by bikers and vice versa. I commuted by bike for many bikes,and thankfully on my route I was lucky to have mostly considerate motorists respect me . I tried my best to offer the same respect to motorists. Sometimes as bikers we can be our own worst enemy,in my opinion the rider that was shot should never have stopped his bike and got off. We all Need to relax a little more and not let petty things get to us. No need for a biker to kick off a cars mirror cause that driver pulled in front of you. And likewise motorists need to be more aware of their surroundings when commuting. These days it seems driving is a secondary event in the daily commute. There is cellphones,breakfast, and make up that distract you. As for Mr. Naidoo,some things cannot be unsaid. You now have to live with the consequences of your actions,which to me was a very foolish way of expressing how you felt. Somes things you share and others you keep in the back of your mind. Two complete families have been ruined through what most would consider a non event,something pretty trivial to most but most definitely not to the two families that have to live through this he'll. Take time out to enjoy what life has to offer,and do not let stupid things change your life.

  • Biki DaKing - 2014-02-17 18:25

    I don't plan on buying a bike. Mr Naidoo spoke his mind which is not a liking for most people. R we supposed to keep quite even when we don't like something. he maybe over the border with the door thing but has anyone considered how a car driver feels when a bike passes next to ur mirror and u r doing say 100.u can only drive left to avoid hitting the bike and they do this all the time. u can never miss them because they r so loud. do any rules apply to you bikers. noise pollution or road rules. do they apply?