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Japan: More EV points than fuel stations

2015-02-17 10:46

FUEL-CELL FUTURE: Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe drives Toyota's new commercial fuel-cell vehicle, the Mirai, from his office in Tokyo. Image: AP / Eugene Hoshiko.

TOKYO, Japan - Japan now has more battery-car plug-in charging point than fuel stations.

The country's No.2 automaker, Nissan, says there are 40 000 plug points - including those at private homes - in Japan compared to 34 000 fuel stations.

Hardly a fair comparison, given that fuel stations each serve hundreds of vehicles a day, but whatever - hence the report continues...


While fuel stations have multiple pumps and can service many more cars the comparison does underscore the effort being made to boost green-vehicle infrastructure in Japan, long a leader in a sector that remains globally tiny.

Nissan is betting on growing demand for battery cars while rival Toyota has, it says, been swamped by orders for its first mass-market hydrogen fuel-cell car, the Mirai sedan.

Fuel-cell cars are seen as the Holy Grail of green cars as they are powered by a chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen, which emits only water vapour from its exhaust.

However limited driving range and lack of refuelling stations have hampered development of the green-car sector which, environmentalists say, could play a vital role in cutting greenhouse gas emissions and slowing global warming.

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