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Introducing the Hyundai Intrado

2014-03-05 09:32

INTRODUCING THE INTRADO: Hyundai has launched a concept car, the Intrado, at the 2014 Geneva auto show. Image: Hyundai

   • 'Daring concept' that shows Hyundai’s vision
   • First concept created under Peter Schreyer
   • Next-generation fuel-cell power
   • Hints at approach to a compact crossover

HIGH WYCOMBE, England - Hyundai has unwrapped its Intrado concept at the 2014 Geneva auto show.

The automaker said: "The car is a new direction, a vision of how cars will meet future mobility needs. The Intrado demonstrates our belief that advanced vehicle technologies and intelligent design can combine to engage more effectively with driver and passengers."


Woong-chul Yang, vice-chairman at Hyundai, said: “As we develop lightweight technologies the application of advanced materials such as carbon fibre-reinforced plastic in structural members is of great interest to us."

"The result is the Intrado – a vision of how eco-friendly cars will deliver delight to our customers."

Allan Rushforth, senior vice-president and chief operating officer at Hyundai, added: 'Hyundai’s vision is "lifetime partner in automobiles' and the Intrado embodies this thinking. We've looked to the future and the roles cars will play in our daily lives; this car is also a demonstration of our technological and design abilities shows our outlook for mobility."

Hyundai said the car was designed and developed from the inside out. The cabin is "defined by a focus on usability and adaptability" using materials and contrasting colours the designers believe will appeal to buyers "with an active lifestyle".


Hyundai said the Intrado is the first concept designed under the direction of Peter Schreyer, president and chief design officer of Hyundai Motor Group, since he was appointed in January 2013. "The vehicle reflects his brief to explore daring new design possibilities for the Hyundai brand."

The car has "a next-generation" hydrogen fuel cell that charges a 36kW lithium-ion battery pack - a "commitment to this potential-rich and emissions-free technology that began in 1998".

The inspiration behind the Intrado, Hyundai said, came from aeronautics, from harnessing the power of airflow to create a more efficient form. This inspired the name ‘Intrado’, which is the underside of an aircraft’s wing that creates lift.

Raphael Bretecher, general manager at Hyundai, said: "The car is meant to encapsulate the efficiency and freedom associated with flying, while paving the way for future Hyundai models. The parallels with an aircraft go far beyond the name. Nothing is present solely for decoration. Everything serves a purpose. An aircraft, the Intrado has a purity of design that is beautiful and efficient.”

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