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NCC turns away Kuga-fire victim's family

2017-01-17 08:22

KUGA SUVS ON FIRE: A screengrab shows a Ford Kuga on fire along the R43 close to Hermanus in the Western Cape. Image: YouTube

Cape Town - The National Consumer Commission today (January 16) turned away the sister and lawyer of Ford Kuga-fire victim, Reshall Jimmy.

According to Business Live, Renisha Jimmy and family lawyer, Rod Montano, arrived at the NCC's head office in Pretoria. Their aim: handing over 46 complaints from upset Kuga owners.

Turned away

The NCC did, however, not give Montano and Jimmy any time of day and ordered them off the NCC's property. The duo failed in their attempt to have these owners' voices heard. It is believed that the complaints they had go as far back as 2013.

Trevor Hattingh, spokesman for the NCC, did not allow for the hand-over to take place.

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Speaking to Business Live, Montano said: "What is happening is puzzling. We represent all Ford Kuga fire victims‚ whose only voice in these circumstances is the commission‚ which is appointed to represent aggrieved members of the public.

"On our arrival at the commission’s offices‚ after our numerous attempts to contact them were ignored‚ we were summarily dismissed by Hattingh and ordered to leave or face being escorted off the premises by security."

However, though their actions are deemed honourable and noble, Hattingh says that Jimmy and Montano did not have an appointment.

He said: "The problem stems from no appointment being made. They tried to walk in without an appointment. We are preparing for a press conference today‚ so I couldn’t see them but referred them to the commissioners. Its not that they will not be helped."

Read Business Live's full article here.

Watch Montano's take on the fire that killed Reshall Jimmy below:

Discussing the matter

The NCC will brief the media on the controversial Ford Kuga-fire saga today after several reports of the utility vehicles bursting into flames.

This comes after the automaker released a statement in December 2016 after a Kuga 1.6 EcoBoost SUV caught fire. 

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It notified owners that it was investigating reports of engine fires in that model and asked owners to take their vehicle to their dealer for a maintenance check.

The company suspected that it may be due to the vehicle's engine overheating but was still investigating.

The briefing, to be held in Pretoria, is also expected to be attended by Jeff Nemeth, president of the Ford Motor Company in South Africa.

The NCC was put in place to ensure the well-being of customers.

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