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Fiesta, EcoSport major security breaches: Here's how Ford SA plans to fix affected cars

2019-05-05 10:34
Ford Fiesta

2013 Ford Fiesta. Image: Quickpic

Earlier in April, Wheels24 reported that many South African owners of Ford Fiesta and EcoSport models have been affected by major security breaches

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Wheels24 reached out to Ford South Africa regarding the issues as the automaker revealed how it intends to remedy the situation.

Wheels24 reached out to Ford SA for comment: 

Customers have complained that at times the alarm does not sound when criminals gain entry to their cars? How is Ford SA planning to fix this major security breech?

Ford SA said: "As part of our commitment to communicate with our customers, we would like to share an update regarding the potential security risks to certain previous-generation Fiesta and EcoSport models.  

"In many of the reported instances the alarm (if fitted) does not sound when access is gained via the key lock barrel. Ford has been testing a security upgrade to give customers greater peace of mind, and our dealer network is now in a position to offer it to customers at the nominal cost of R155.25 (including VAT). 

"The upgrade will ensure that when the vehicle is opened, with a key or an object the system perceives to be a key (for example a screwdriver), the alarm will immediately sound and all doors, except the driver door, will remain locked. 

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What if a customer's vehicle does not feature a standard alarm?

Ford SA: "If a Ford model does not feature a standard alarm, the upgrade will make it more secure by disabling automatic door unlocking. Further to this we are working with a supplier to be able to offer an alarm system that can be retrofitted as an accessory. We are also investigating a stronger security replacement lock accessory. We will continue to communicate with customers on the availability of these accessories.  

"Should customers wish to proceed with the security upgrade on offer, they should contact their Ford dealer to book an appointment. The upgrade should take no more than 30 minutes to complete, however it is imperative that customers book an appointment.

What is the process (and price) regarding door-lock replacements? 

Ford SA said: "Customers who require a door lock replacement as a result of their vehicle being tampered with can also make an appointment with their dealer. The replacement lock will cost R1199 (incl VAT) providing there is no additional damage to the door that requires repair. It is important to note that only customers that have had their locks broken should make an appointment for a lock replacement." 

"Customers can continue to contact the Customer Relationship Centre with any queries at 086.001.1022 / +27.12.843.5824 (international callers) or CRC3@ford.com"

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