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'Consumers beware' - why it's a good idea to repair your car at workshops registered the Motor Industry of South Africa - ombudsman

2018-07-19 10:00

Johan van Vreden


'Consumer beware' - that, in a nutshell, is the advice from Johan van Vreden, the ombudsman for the Motor Industry of South Africa (MIOSA),  when choosing where to repair your vehicle.

According to the Consumer Protection Act number 68 of 2008 all businesses operating within the automotive and related industries (i.e. manufacturers, dealers, component suppliers, service providers and panel beaters), are compelled by law to register with the MIOSA.

Right to Repair: Probe into SA car workshop industry

Johan said: "All the responsible players in the industry have registered with the MIOSA, in the interest of customer satisfaction and protection against customer exploitation. 

"Will you take your sick child to an unqualified medical practitioner? Therefore, if your vehicle needs a repair, ensure that the service provider is qualified and registered with the MIOSA.

                                                                           Image: iStock

By dealing with a service provider which is not registered with the MIOSA you are dealing with individuals who are operating their trade with little regard for the consumer.

"It also becomes extremely difficult for the MIOSA to assist consumers where non-compliant service providers are involved," warns Johan.

The same is applicable when it comes to motorcycle, motorboat and lawnmower dealers and service providers.

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