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Volvo hits 15m mark

2008-02-19 13:37
Since opening its doors in 1927, Swedish manufacturer Volvo has seen a whopping 15 million vehicles roll off its production line in just over 80 years.

Production in its first year was a modest 297 vehicles, and it took the manufacturer 23 years to build its first 100 000 vehicles.

Volvo boasts that it now takes three months to achieve the same number although it counters that the company was never intended as a high-volume player.

However, safety and responsibility has always been key in Volvo products. The three-point safety belt was standard on Volvos from 1959.

On the environmental front, the three-way catalytic converter was introduced in its products from 1976.

And like the first car that bore the "iron symbol" on its radiator grille back in 1927, the 15 millionth car that leaves the Uddevalla factory today - a C70 coupe-convertible - will also carry this trademark.


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