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2006-12-08 19:39
Toyota South Africa is recalling more than 29 000 new Corolla and RunX cars after a problem was found in the vehicles' rear axle beam.

The Japanese car maker said on Friday that the problem only affects the 2006 models of the popular Corollas and RunXs.

According to the company, the cars affected were built between January 4 and October 4 this year.

The callback involves 29 315 vehicles.

"So far only five failures have been brought to the attention of the company and none of them resulted in an accident," said Roger Houghton, senior manager of public relations.

Houghton said that people who bought their vehicles during the affected period need to take their cars to a dealer to have it inspected.

The dealers will require half an hour to inspect the rear axle assembly to see if the front bush mountings have been incorrectly positioned on the rear axle beam.

"This could result in the bush splitting open and the front section of the axle beam coming adrift. Should the axle beam need to be replaced, this operation will take less than two hours. The inspection and possible axle beam replacement will be performed at no cost to the vehicle owner," Houghton said.

For the layperson this means that the fault could cause the rubber attachment on the axle to tear and pull loose the front arm of the axle beam. It can cause the wheel to move backwards and begin chafing on the bodywork.

"It could be dangerous. If it was not dangerous, we would not be calling back all these vehicles," he said.

Owners of affected cars should contact any Toyota dealer to arrange for the inspection or, alternatively, their selling dealer will contact them to set up an appointment.

Toyota SA will also send SMSs to customers, where possible, advising them to contact a dealer regarding the inspection.


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