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Spyker extends Saab deadline

2009-12-22 11:26

Dan Strumpf

Dutch company Spyker Cars is giving General Motors Co. more time to consider selling it the Saab brand, keeping the fate of the Swedish automaker up in the air.

Spyker had previously given GM until 5 p.m. EST (2200 GMT) Monday to consider its latest offer, but Spyker said it has extended that deadline "until further notice."

Spyker submitted its latest offer on Sunday, just days after talks with GM to buy Saab collapsed over unspecified issues. The new offer from Spyker sought to address the issues that caused the talks to break down last week.

The Detroit automaker said Sunday that it had received inquiries from "several parties" after its announcement that it would close Saab. The company said it will evaluate each. A GM spokesman declined to comment further on Monday.

Saab employs about 3 400 people worldwide, most of whom work at its main plant in Trollhattan, Sweden. The brand also has some 1 100 dealers.

On Monday, Swedish government officials were holding emergency meetings with unions and local authorities to prepare for the closure the Trollhattan plant.

Sapa - AP


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