SA push for Geely bakkie, SUV

2013-04-05 20:38

Chinese industrialist and Geely chairman Li Shufu spent a “very pleasing” trip in South Africa, outlying the automakers local model plans after attending the 2013 Brics conference in Durban.

Li encouraged talks between Geely and Volvo SA, which the company acquired in October 2010, for local collaboration in the short term and the investigation of further benefits such as local assembly.


Li said he would "push the right-hand drive version of the GX7 SUV" and continue with a new bakkie project for SA.

Geely SA MD Henri Meistre said: “As always, it was an honour to meet him and spend some valuable time with him. I think he was suitably impressed with local operations; more importantly he was particularly interested in South Africans’ love affair with SUV's and bakkies.

“We will be travelling to the 2013 Shanghai auto show later in April, where we will be involved in an important pick-up workshop. We will also be exposed to a host of exciting new concepts, engines, prototypes and production ready models.”


  • Dexter Tangocci - 2013-04-06 15:22

    What crap cars. Seriously

      Don Odendaal - 2013-04-07 08:40

      Been stung once already never again

  • BLUESILVER2012 - 2013-04-07 23:43

    Come to China and you will see for yourself, the Chinese are all about numbers.

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