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SA dealers excel in global awards

2007-05-30 09:26
Renault aims to rank among the global top three in customer satisfaction by 2009 and two local dealerships have been honoured in the company's inaugural Global Quality Awards.

Renault Welkom and Renault Richards Bay were honoured at the event, which is regarded as the first step in recognising and rewarding the efforts of dealers across its global network. The French manufacturer aims to be among the world's top three manufacturers for "complete customer satisfaction" by 2009.

At the recent Global Quality Awards held in Paris, sales networks from 30 countries and four continents were represented.

Carlos Ghosn, Renault's president and CEO paid tribute to the winning dealerships - the best-placed of which had "completely satisfied" customer ratings in excess of 90 per cent. "Your work is crucial because you represent Renault in the eyes of our customers. You are the standard bearers of our brand image around the world."

Renault South Africa's Francis Guy, Vice-President Quality and Service, attended the awards ceremony and lauded the Richards Bay and Welkom dealerships on their award-winning performances.

"These awards are clear indication of the consistent effort and commitment you have shown in upholding the brand. On behalf of Renault South Africa, I would like to congratulate and thank the management and staff of Renault Richards Bay and Renault Welkom for their stellar performances in this prestigious, international event."

With the recent award ceremony, Renault announced that this annual initiative would maintain the brand's focus on service quality throughout its networks.


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