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Record local Landy sales

2008-01-08 06:45
Land Rover had its most successful year ever locally with an all time sales record for a calendar year of 5 744 units.

Despite market sentiment turning negative in the last quarter with tougher trading conditions being exacerbated by interest rate hikes and a tightening of credit controls, a record 674 Land Rovers found their way home to new owners in December 2007.

Private buyers

With 99% of sales being driven through the dealer network instead of a large percentage of fleet sale generated packages, the figures are indicative of a strong resurgence in local demand for Landy products by individual buyers.

Andrew Daniel, Managing Director, Jaguar and Land Rover South Africa, said, "These fantastic sales figures, in a background of a falling total industry volume, demonstrate that more than ever, customers want the breadth of capability that only a Land Rover can provide."

Tata time?

Although 2007 was a truly outstanding year for Land Rover as a company, with 225,000 vehicles sold worldwide, a first in Land Rover's near 60-year history, its future remains uncertain.

Both Land Rover and Jaguar are set to be unbundled from parent company Ford to realign its struggling finances.

Ironically the preferential bidder to buy these two most iconic British brands is from the former colonies, India, in the guise of the Tata conglomerate.

Despite these machinations Land Rover is set to celebrate its 60 year anniversary in April this year.


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