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Reader response: SA's online car platforms

2014-10-06 10:02

THE CAR MAN: Gumtree head Jeff Osborne knows his stuff when it comes to cars. Here he is pictured with some of his classics several years ago. Image: Supplied

In October 2014 former CEO of the SA Retail Motor Industry Organisation, JEFF OSBORNE, now head of Gumtree Automotive, shared his views with Wheel24 on how traditional online car sales platforms had failed the motor industry.

Wheels24 reader HILTON CARROL has a contrary view. Here's what he had to say:

What makes Jeff Osborne the "expert" on online motor sales? Has he ever worked at a retail dealership? How long has he been at Gumtree?


Most online platforms provide dealers with the ability to load pics and specs on new and used vehicles but many dealers do not use the facility correctly. Poor images are uploaded and full specifications are omitted. 

This stems from a lack of discipline by some dealers, from the dealer principal to the frontline sales managers. They then complain that the system is not working for them!

The writer retired recently after more than 40 years in the retail motor industry and achieved excellent results with online advertising by getting the basics right.

Dealers using online platforms correctly are reaping the rewards. Is Gumtree planning to "re-invent" online motor platforms?

There are already too many players in this sector and unless Gumtree comes up with a very easy-to-use system at an attractive price without long-term contracts, dealers are unlikely to subscribe.


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