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Lexus LS460 recalled - again

2010-07-01 15:05
Cape Town - Lexus South Africa has launched a “special service campaign” to address a material defect affecting the engine valve springs on its pre-facelift LS460 models.

This follows news of yet another global recall to hit Lexus and its Japanese parent company, Toyota. Toyota SA has confirmed that none of its products are affected by the latest round of recalls.

However, the owners of 246 pre-2010 LS460 models are requested to check their cars in at their nearest dealers to have the engine valve springs replaced. Material defects in the valve springs have been identified and the fix is considered a precautionary measure by Lexus.  

The LS460 was facelifted in South Africa in January this year and was in May subjected to a recall to correct potential steering problems. The 2010 LS460 and the LS600h L recently introduced in the country, remain unaffected by the latest recall.

Concerned owners are again urged to contact their nearest dealers or call 0800 220 000.


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