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Hummer answers your questions

2007-08-15 13:01

Despite escalating fuel costs, can we expect the addition of bigger petrol engines in South Africa? Also, are there any plans to introduce a turbodiesel derivative? When can more Hummer H3 derivatives be expected? What is being doing to develop more environmentally friendly models? Will the H3T also be produced in South Africa?

GMSA will introduce HUMMER H3 derivatives in line with market requirements and market potential. We have stated that a diesel derivative will become available, although it is not our policy to disclose specific timing or powertrain options until closer to launch.

As one of the leading motor manufacturers in the world GM is committed to meeting all the fuel emission standards set by various governments. To this end GM, is working with various partners globally on a variety of alternative energy sources, including fuel cells, batteries as well as bio-power.

Planning work around the production of a right hand drive H3T is continuing, but it is too early to speculate about the availability of right hand drive or manufacturing thereof in South Africa.


Does GMSA approve any workshops, either locally or abroad, that could convert the H1 and H2 to right-hand drive? And will a converted model still carry an "international warranty"? What is GMSA's stance (parts availability, servicing, etc) on converted H1s and H2s currently in South Africa?

No, GMSA does not have any workshops that perform H1 or H2 left/right hand drive conversions. The same applies globally. GMSA has publicly distanced itself from any such conversions and such converted units do not carry any GM warranties. Lastly, GMSA does not support any H1 or H2 product from a servicing or parts availability perspective.


Why, if the Hummer is known as the ultimate "bling" machine, is no provision made for original aftermarket accessories like bull bars, side steps and big chrome rims? How soon before this is an option? Also, many feel that at the price, the H3 should be offered with a higher level of standard equipment, like satellite audio controls and cruise control, for example.

A brand or product can be different thing to different people. One person may choose to "bling" his HUMMER while another will accessorize it for overlanding purposes. In essence the HUMMER brand is all about being daring. This daringness is deeply rooted in the vehicle's unparalleled off road capability and its truly unique design language, making it "Like nothing else" on the market today. It speaks for itself that the brand can be both a "bling" and "rugged off road" machine.

The GMSA aftersales team has developed a range of approved HUMMER accessories, and more will be added over the life cycle of the product, in line with customer requirements. The current list include bull bars, side steps, spare wheel covers, hood covers, roof luggage carriers, many of which are chrome. Important to note that some of the accessories seen on music videos, including some chrome wheels, are not GM approved.

The general feedback from the market is that the HUMMER H3 is keenly priced. It comes with a high level of standard equipment, which obviously varies from model to model. The three specification levels are H3, Adventure and Luxury. Standard specification on the Adventure and Luxury models include cruise control, and leather and height adjustable electric seats to name but two.


Hummer is regarded by many as being a true statement in excess, an oversized and polluting gas-guzzler. How economical is the H3 really and what is being done to market it as a "greener machine"? What do you think about suggestions that oversized vehicles, like the H3 and other Hummer models, be subjected to additional taxes?

The current HUMMER H3 has a proud pedigree - boasting the H1 and H2 as capable parents. The H3 was developed to make HUMMER accessible to more customers, with improved fuel efficiency and a smaller, more practical, body.

The length of the current H3 is no longer than most existing double cab bakkies on the market today, and it is only slightly wider. In absolute proportions the HUMMER H3 cannot be considered a statement of excess. Its clever design however makes it look far more imposing, creating the impression of a large "presence" on the road. Its fuel consumption is in line with, if not better, than most of its competitors on the market.

Additional taxes on large SUVs such as the HUMMER will obviously impact sales. But to say that the HUMMER H3 is oversized is strictly speaking not correct.


Is the current GMSA infrastructure geared up to provide full aftersales support? With Hummer owners intent on testing their H3s in remote parts of the country, what is the back up service like in far flung parts?

GMSA is currently growing its retailer network. In February 2007 we had 5 retailers; by end September we will have 7, and by year-end we should have 9. Our Aftersales team has an agreement in place with ISOS to provide full roadside assistance in not only South Africa, but Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland, Zimbabwe and Mozambique as well. A HUMMER customer need only dial our dedicated customer call center on 0800 HUMMER for any emergency assistance.


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