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Green Ford rakes in 333-km/h record

2007-08-24 07:45
Another land speed record was claimed recently when Ford took the laurels for the Green team in a hydrogen-fueled car.

The Ford Fusion Hydrogen 999 fuel cell car hit a top speed of 333 km/h on the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah.

The 999 is, according to the manufacturer, the first fuel cell race car based on a production vehicle.

Former Ford employee Rick Byrnes is a veteran Bonneville racer who steered the car, built in collaboration with Ballard Power Systems, Roush and Ohio State University, on its record-breaking run.

The university students designed the streamliner, while Ballard donated the hydrogen fuel cells, Roush contributed engineering services and Ford was responsible for the overall coordination of the project and providing its expertise in fuel cell drivetrains.

Ford has said that the Fusion Hydrogen 999 demonstrates one of the ways in which the manufacturer is contributing to the development of vehicles that have zero impact on the environment.

The company is also conducting tests with its first plug-in hybrid electric vehicle. The Ford Edge with HySeries Drive uses an electric drivetrain with an onboard hydrogen fuel cell generator that allows the car a range of 362 km.

Ford currently offers petrol-hybrid vehicles in the US market in the Hybrid and Mariner Hybrid.


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