Gauteng e-tolls on hold

2012-01-13 14:27

The planned implementation of e-tolling in Gauteng from February 2012 has been postponed to address public concerns, the board of the SA National Roads Agency Ltd (Sanral) said on Friday.

Tembakazi Mnyaka, chairwoman of the board, said in a statement that the board would address issues raised by the public and petitions sent to Transport Minister Sibusiso Ndebele.

The Sanral board met Ndebele in Pretoria on Thursday, January 12, 2012, to discuss the road agency's mandate, Gauteng's e-tolls and future road programmes.

"The board is committed to meeting all its obligations to stakeholders, and is exploring different [channels]," said Mnyaka.


Before e-tolling commences, Sanral would present its findings to the minister who would present a report to Cabinet.

The controversial system was due to be have been implemented in February but there was widespread criticism that it would place an unfair burden on Gauteng road users.

A civil disobedience campaign, led by the trade union federation Cosatu and the Democratic Alliance, called on road users not to pay the toll fees.

The DA's transport spokesman in the Gauteng legislature, Neil Campbell, told the Sowetan newspaper: "If we all stand together resolutely refusing to be part of this unjust toll system, it will fail because Sanral, [as the toll collection company] and the justice system cannot cope with a boycott by 95% of highway users."

  • Deon - 2012-01-13 15:15

    Good stop raping the people in this country!

      eyresa - 2012-01-16 09:16

      Do not buy e-tags. I am not giving any business access to deduct money from my accounts without proof of service. Make SANRAL send you each photograph by POST. They cannot email them to me due to the spam blocker on my system so I won’t get the emails. Then, if they can get that right, don’t pay anyway.

  • Bielie - 2012-01-13 16:23

    From February 2012, all cars will be treated as a Taxi. 100% discount for all.

  • Charlie - 2012-01-13 16:24

    The DA never called on road users not to pay, they called on users not to register. BIG differance

  • Vickers - 2012-01-13 17:09

    I bet more than 90% of those already registered are government departments. It is time for these thieving bastards to learn that SA's citizens have had more than enough. DO NOT REGISTER

  • Frank - 2012-01-13 18:23

    `public concerns`...wer`e not concerned,we`re pissed off!

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