GWM raises the warranty bar

2013-04-11 05:21

SHANGHAI, China - A few years ago Hyundai and Kia came up with a five-year warranty and it did wonders for the brands. Now Great Wall Motors has jumped on the wagon with one up on everybody else.

Whether you’re in China, South Africa or Timbuktu, new car buyers are looking for the most impressive all-round package. The Korean automakers have only had their five-year warranty plan for a few years but it’s helped them change their reputation as an affordable and popular option.


Other automakers around for many years still only offer a three-year or 100 000km warranty.

Great Wall Motors has been around since 1976 but back then the company built trucks; it was only five years ago that GWM began assembling and retailing cars.

Now it's the biggest SUV automaker in China and the company is offering its new Steed with a six-year or 200 000km warranty. That’s a big deal and makes one wonder why the more established brands can’t do the same.

GWM South Africa reports that it will stick to its present three-year or 100 000km warranty.

The Steed is the least expensive 4x4 double-cab bakkie in the UK and currently holds the title of being the only vehicle in any global market to be offered with a six-year 200 000km warranty.


And that’s not all – without having to sound like a Glomail TV ad  - the extended six-year warranty includes a three-year/100 000km manufacturer warranty plus a further three-year/200 000km powertrain extended warranty provided by Great Motor Distributors in the UK. However, this offer only lasts until June 2013.

The Steed also comes with a mechanical warranty, a six-year anti-perforation warranty, three-year paint warranty and three-year roadside assistance.

Great Wall UK’s marketing director, Haydn Davies, said: “The six-year warranty reaffirms Great Wall’s commitment to offer fantastic value and guaranteed quality to businesses and consumers in the UK. The Steed has always represented outstanding value for money, with a low purchase price, generous equipment levels and great fuel economy for its class, and this extended warranty will further enhance the appeal of our vehicles."

  • Fact Fiction - 2013-04-11 09:16

    Hmmm... Headline on photo reads: "AWESOME WARRANTY: Great Wall Motors in the UK is offering a six-year or 240 000km warranty on its Steed bakkies. Can SA match that?" Article says: "new Steed with a six-year or 200 000km warranty" And then comes the deal breaker: "However, this offer only lasts until June 2013" Why report it, make mistakes and then mention local customers will not benefit? "GWM South Africa reports that it will stick to its present three-year or 100 000km warranty." Wheels24 needs to be featured on Comedy Central!

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