Fuel-sellers promise 'no problems'

2012-10-02 13:19

JOHANNESBURG - The SA Fuel Retailers' Association has moved to allay fears about fuel supplies as the truck drivers' strike enters its second week.

"Our members have contingency plans... with the petrol price increasing tonight (Oct 2, 2012 we also expect a rush to the pumps," spokesman M C Lamprecht said. A shortage of fuel in one area did not imply that most parts of the country were similarly affected.


Pick 'n Pay spokesman Burger van der Merwe said the company was not affected. "Shelves are full across the country. The current service level is sufficient to cushion the impact for more than a month."

The Johannesburg fresh produce market said there were no delivery interruptions. Spokeswoman Sindi Mazibuko said: "No problems so far. Everything is going well, goods are moving in and out."

Truck drivers want a 12% salary increase; employers have offered 8.5% for 2013 with another 0.5% in 2014.

Wage negotiations will resume on Wednesday (Oct 3, 2012).


The price of petrol will rise by at least 21c/litre for 93 octane on Wednesday, 95 Octane by 23c, diesel with a 0.05% sulphur content by 39.16c and diesel with a 0.005% sulphur content by 40.16c.

The single maximum national retail price for illuminating paraffin will go up by 44c/litre.

The increase in petrol and diesel was partly due to a state levy of 13.16c/litre to recover money owed to oil companies due to the time delay in the adjustment of pump prices.

The weakening of the rand against the US Dollar increased the contribution to the basic fuels price on petrol, diesel and illuminating paraffin by 2.65c, 2.80c and 2.79c/litre respectively.