Ford: We can't build fast enough

2012-05-31 10:31

WASHINGTON, USA - Ford's CEO Alan Mulally has said the US automaker will continue to increase production through 2012 but supply issues were preventing customers' demands being met.

Mulally noted that its supply base was constrained and affected how many vehicles the automaker could produce.

"We're going to increase production through the rest of the year. We have limits on our production as we're going up. We really can't make as many vehicles as people want right now."


He said Ford would grow in the US but has no plans to add new plants: "By the end of 2012 we'll be able to produce the number of vehicles people want but we'll take a hit in the near term - just because we're limited in production."

House Ways and Means committee chairman Dave Camp said Ford had "legitimate concerns" about Japan needing to open its market to US automakers. "They have to make progress on a number of issues."

Camp said it was possible that a nine-party Trans-Pacific Partnership could be completed in 2012. Mulally wants Japan to be kept out of the Pacific trade deal until an agreement is reached.

A fact-sheet stated that Japanese automakers rejected the idea that the Japanese market was closed: "The Detroit Three claim Japan's auto market is closed. The reality is that opportunities exist for companies willing to invest and adapt in the Japanese market."

  • Vickers - 2012-06-29 17:24

    And yet they are staring a $570m loss for this quarter in the eye http://motoring.iafrica.com/newsbriefs/803038.html

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