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'Flying B' sparks Bentley recall

2010-09-22 08:16
It's no April Fool joke. Luxury automaker Bentley is recalling close to 600 of its cars because their bonnet ornaments fail to retract in a crash. 

The recall covers 596 Arnage, Azure and Brooklands models produced from 2007 through to 2009.

The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration posted the recall after it was discovered that the metal emblem, called the Flying B, may become corroded and fail to fold down - a risk to pedestrians.

Bentley spokesperson Valentine O’Connor told Bloomberg the emblem usually folded away in a collision and that the recall was a precautionary measure since no injuries had been reported.

O’Connor also added that the ornaments' supplier would be adding grease to the folding mechanism to prevent water collecting in it.


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