Daimler expands Smart sharing plan

2012-08-02 10:14

Daimler is building on its short-term car rental business by investing in the world’s largest ride-share network.

The company has bought into carpooling.com, the world’s leading ride-share network with four-million registered users.

The site brings together drivers and passengers not only for commuting but also for medium and long-distance trips. It also offers bus, rail and airline tickets.


While carpooling.com’s main shareholders will continue to be the company’s three founders, as well as a venture capital firm, Daimler is hoping its short-term car- rental company, car2go, will benefit from the agreement.

The partnership’s goal is to further expand carpooling.com’s platforms and integrate Daimler’s car2go.

Wilfried Steffen, who heads up business innovation at Daimler AG, said: “We view ride-sharing as an important element of intelligently networked mobility. Our engagement in carpooling.com is a logical step in offering our customers an even wider range of ways to get from A to B.”