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Carbon fibre for BMW Megacity

2010-07-05 08:53

Sketches showing the Megacity electric vehicle were shown for the first time on July 2.

BMW prepares to launch its battery-powered minicar, the Megacity, in 2013, and will use lightweight carbon fibre to construct its passenger safety cell.

The combination of carbon fibre and aluminium is likely to shave as much as 350 kg off the weight of the car, it is reported, and will also assist in reducing the size and cost of the battery needed to run the car.

The carbon fibre passenger cell will be placed on an aluminium frame that will house the battery and electric components. While the passenger cell will have enough space for four adults, the manufacturer says, the seating position will be a little higher than in a regular vehicle to accommodate the batteries’ position.

Megacity will be powered by a 96-cell lithium-ion pack, although speeds will be limited to avoid excessive drain on the battery (and undoing the efficiency gains of the battery-powered car).

BMW is rushing to produce electric vehicles as more customers seek alternatives to fossil fuel-burning cars.


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