Car credit: Dealers get jacked up

2012-03-22 14:12

South Africa’s motor dealers have substantially raised their level of training for sales staff to meet the requirements of financial legislation passed in recent years.

Tania Barlow, MD of Sewells Group SA, explained: “We’ve had more than 9000 people through our ‘National Credit Act Campus’ since the Act became law in 2007. The pass rate is better than 90%, which means every dealer in the country has raised its level of financial product knowledge in their showrooms.”


Sewells, an automotive business management trainer and consult, established the campus to meet the industry’s expanded need for skills when the law was promulgated.

“An important element of NCA legislation is that anybody in a motor dealership who discusses or signs-up contracts must be ‘CA compliant’. The campus offers three courses from one-day workshops to an on-line facility for learning and assessment.

“Institute of Bankers’ exam sessions are held monthly in Johannesburg and every second or third month in other major centres. Successful candidates get an agent’s card which signifies they are NCA compliant and competent to finalise contracts.”