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'Better' Navara repeats crash test

2008-03-14 13:52
Following its dismal safety rating in initial Euro NCAP tests - which prompted a global recall - Nissan's Navara has had its score adjusted after re-testing.

The upgraded Navara received three stars for adult occupant protection, and four stars for child occupant protection in its latest assessment.

First Euro NCAP tests in the pick-up category revealed a one-star strikethrough rating for the Navara.

The poor rating was credited to the delayed firing of an airbag. The manufacturer issued an Navara recall and modified new production vehicles to improve the airbag deployment.

Dr Michiel van Ratingen, secretary general of Euro NCAP said, "Nissan have acted responsibly and promptly in response to our findings.

"Euro NCAP hopes that by releasing this new result, it will speed up the Service Campaign and ensure that all Navaras are upgraded to the higher safety specification."

After its latest round of testing, Euro NCAP has announced that the airbag malfunction has been addressed and removes the high risk of life-threatening injuries seen in the first test.

According to the safety agency, Isuzu is currently investigating the safety issues revealed in Euro NCAP's tests of its D-Max/Rodeo, sold in South Africa as the KB.


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