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Anti-theft brand DataDot gets ISO14001

2014-07-30 14:50

DATA DOT MAKES ITS MARK: George, Western Cape, anti-theft company DataDot has a second ISO certification - for green-ness. Image: Supplied

GEORGE, Western Cape - Anti-vehicle theft company DataDot Technology has micro-dotted more than two-million vehicles in South Africa since 2000. Next to be “dotted” will be personal valuables and household assets.

The second phase will be supported by the company recently being awarded ISO 14001 certification for its head office in George, Western Cape to complement the ISO 9001 certification awarded back in 2008.


ISO 14001 accreditation officially started in 2012 and assists DataDot in identifying and controlling its environmental impact, improving environment-relevant performance and managing that relationship. The benefits include lower distribution costs, less spending on waste management, materials and energy consumption and “a better corporate image”.

To date, the company says, this has saved almost 16 tons of plastic and 10 tons of cardboard.

The company is also involved in a number of local social assistance schemes among schools and the elderly and in “greening” the environment with trees.


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