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2014-12-30 08:29

TIME TO CHILL: Aston Martin will bring back its ice-driving adventure in the Colorado Rocky Mountains in early 2015. Image: Aston Martin


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  • Aston Martin ice-drive event returns
  • Custom-designed tracks
  • Strictly limited availability
  • Three-day drive programme

IRVINE, California - Aston Martin is again offering adventurous drivers a chance to experience the power and performance of its sports cars in one of America’s most rugged and demanding environments.

Aston Martin on Ice, after a successful inaugural event in 2014, will be back at the “authentic Western town of Crested Butte” in the heart of the Colorado Rocky Mountains in early 2015 for a second season of adrenalin-fuelled thrills and luxurious living.


Aston Martin says: “The three-day programme will use a five-hectare surface to allow drivers to drive the brand’s sports cars in an environment far removed for their more usual roads,.

“The exclusive tracks in Colorado are all precisely tailored to Aston Martin’s exacting requirements and meticulously built and maintained by the brand’s team of experts before and throughout the ice-driving activity over two three-day sessions in February 2014.

“Work on the track has been under way for some weeks to prepare a braking/cornering exercise loop, slalom, skid-pan and full circuit so participants can test and hone their car control in a series of braking, cornering and handling exercises before taking on the 1.6km frozen-road course.”

Aston Martin America president Julian Jenkins said: “After a hugely successful first year we are returning with an On Ice programme that will once again deliver a genuinely thrilling experience in Colorado’s breath-taking high country.

“Combining extreme driving, in an extreme environment, with typically sumptuous Aston Martin luxury living, the 2015 On Ice activity is sure to be among the highlights of our year.”

The event is one of a number of Aston Martin driving experiences that take place each year.

Want to join this or one of many other AM driving events? Contact concierge@astonmartindriving.com


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