Honda joins safe-braking brigade

2013-04-03 09:09

TOKYO, Japan - Honda has joined other auto makers with the introduction of a low-speed collision prevention system. It's called the City-Brake Active System.

A laser 'radar' at the top of the host car's windscreen switches on when the car is traveling less than 30km/h to identify other vehicles or obstructions. Should the driver fail to identify the obstruction the car will be braked.

If the system identifies - depending on weather - a high risk of collision it will use audio and visual warnings and if the driver does not react, the car will brake for him.


It is also intended to protect drivers from accidental acceleration from stationary to 10km/h - perhaps from a car-park slot? - should there be an obstruction within four metres of the front of the vehicle. The driver will receive audio and visual warnings and City-Brake Active will control engine output to restrict progress.

City-Brake Active will be introduced on the all-new Honda Jazz which will go on sale later in 2013.

Honda says: "Our commitment to safety is embodied by the term ‘Safety for Everyone’ and we will continue to equip cars and motorcycles with the most advanced and effective safety features possible."