Honda SA recalls Jazz...again

2013-07-02 07:58

Honda will recall 20 035 Jazz models (2002-2008) in South Africa to replace the master power window switch. 

The Japanese automaker reports: "Under severe operating conditions, liquid may enter the driver’s window and reach the master power window switch resulting in impaired function of the switch.

"Liquid can cause the window switch’s circuit board to malfunction and prevent opening or closing of the window. In rare cases, the circuit board can overheat causing melting or smoke or potentially, fire."


In 2010, a waterproof skirt was fitted to affected vehicles to prevent the defect but in 2013 it has been discovered that over time a "gap can develop between the switch and the skirt allowing the fault to occur again."

Owners of vehicles affected will have their switch replaced with one "surrounded by an acrylic seal with shape-following ability."

Honda SA spokesperson Joeline Dabrowski said: "Honda will notify affected customers in order to have their window switch replaced at an authorised dealer.

"Should a customer be concerned or be experiencing any problems with the operation of their window switch, they are welcome to contact their nearest Honda dealer to arrange an inspection at their earliest convenience."


In September 2009, SA satirist Justin Nurse's Jazz erupted in a blaze which resulted in the death of his two-year-old daughter Vanilla. Honda launched an extensive investigation to determine the cause of the fire.

As a precautionary measure, Honda implemented a safety recall of 2002-2008 year model Jazz units in South Africa.

Click here to email Honda or contact the automaker on 0800 466 321.

  • Fritz Eloff - 2013-07-02 17:36

    This is a wonderful little car, small on the outside but very roomy inside. You can load 20 apple boxes in the back when the seats are down, and the CVT automatic transmission makes heavy traffic a breeze. I'm glad to once again see Honda's dedication to safety.

  • Carolyn Hunter Logan - 2013-07-03 18:37

    So agree with you Fritz, we have 2, one with the CVT and then the later model where they brought back the traditional gear box. I'm not sure which I prefer , the CVT is great around town and the traditional one better on a long trip. Best cars we've ever owned.

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