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Haug: 'Merc war good for the team'

2014-09-05 09:55

UNTIL THE FAT LADY SINGS: Mercedes drivers Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton will fight to the end of the Drivers' title. Image: AFP

MONZA, Italy - Formula 1 should thank the warring Mercedes team mates for their spicy championship battle in 2014, says Norbert Haug, former team chief.

Today he is removed from the stresses that his successors Toto Wolff, Paddy Lowe and Niki Lauda are facing as they manage the imploding relationship between Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg.

Indeed, Mercedes has apparently struggled to handle the fall-out of the silver-clad duo's clash in Belgium two weeks ago but Haug sees the controversy differently. Unlike Wolff and Lauda, who heavily criticised and actually formally reprimanded Rosberg, he thinks the incident at Spa was nothing out of the ordinary.


Haug told Sport Bild: "It should not happen, but it can happen - even among team mates - especially when they are the only opponents for the Drivers' title and, rightly, when they are racing without team orders.

"Hamilton and Rosberg are battling it out on the track, which I see as particularly valuable for the Silver Arrows."

Mercedes' new management has regarded the Spa crash as bad for the German marque's image, but Haug thinks any damage will be quickly forgotten.

"After a clean 1-2 victory at Monza, Spa will be yesterday's news," he said. And, anyway, he thought that without the Hamilton-Rosberg battle for 2014 glory "the championship would not be half as interesting".

He says incidents such as Spa are unavoidable when a wheel-to-wheel battle for the title is taking place. "You don't make omelette without breaking eggs," Haug was quoted as saying by Germany's Sky TV. "I've seen it with David Coulthard and Mika Hakkinen, with Juan Pablo Montoya and Kimi Raikkonen, with Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton."


"Fighting between team mates was not invented this year!" Haug exclaimed.

Haug also said that if Mercedes had decided to impose team orders after Spa, the value of championship victory at the end would have been "less than half".

According to team manager Niki Lauda, the idea is to get the Mercedes duo clear of any third party title rival by the Abu Dhabi finale and then release Hamilton and Rosberg to fight unfettered for the Drivers' crown.

"Then, sparks can sometimes fly, because we do not care which of them is first and which is second at the end," the F1 legend told Auto Motor and Sport.

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