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Hamilton to F1 rivals: ‘I need competition’

2014-05-14 08:50

ON TOP OF THE WORLD: With four consecutive wins, Mercedes Lewis Hamilton leads the 2014 F1 Drivers’ championship. He has a simple message to rivals – catch up. Image: AP/Luca Bruno

BARCELONA, Spain - Formula 1 championship leader  Lewis Hamilton insists he does not want to run away unchallenged with a dominant 2014 title.

Hamilton has won four consecutive grands prix in 2014 with a Mercedes car described by some as even more dominant than those at the height of Ferrari's Michael Schumacher era.


After testing the W05 at the post-race Barcelona test on Tuesday (May 13), Hamilton declared that he actually wants competitors like Red Bull to close the gap.

Hamilton said: "I hope so. I need competition. At the beginning of 2014, Nico Rosberg and I ran away from the others but I don't think that will happen in Monaco.

"Anyway, it doesn't affect my motivation.  If I was all alone with a huge advantage every time, maybe (it would). Nico is always close anyway."


Hamilton also said there are other reasons to tune in to the 2014 Monaco GP on May 25: "It will be interesting because the walls are just as close but with the cars this year there will be a lot more oversteer."

It is possible Mercedes is attempting to drum up interest in the 2014 season because utter dominance is rarely a crowd-pleaser.

Indeed, even in the midst of some of Hamilton and Rosberg's battles, the television cameras this year have looked away in search of wheel-to-wheel action elsewhere.

Team boss Toto Wolff said: "Interestingly we have seen that."

That doesn't mean Mercedes will ease the throttle to let the chasing pack get closer, or invite its silver-clad duo to drive into one another.

Wolff said: "I guess we have to swallow that and have a little less average media value because I'd rather take a one-two."

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