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Haas still unsure of F1 welcome

2014-04-09 13:39

NEW ENTRIES: Gene Haas, owner of the Haas Automation Nascar team (above), is looking to enter F1 from 2015. Image: AFP

SAKHIR, Bahrain -  Nascar team owner Gene Haas has revealed he has yet to be told officially that he will be let in as F1's newest team owner from 2015.

Formula 1 CEO Bernie Ecclestone has confirmed that Haas' entry will almost certainly be accepted, along with another new team believed to be headed by the former Force India and HRT chief Colin Kolles.

International Automotive Federation president Jean Todt also confirmed the news, saying it would be announced officially "in the coming days".


In the US, however, Haas said Ecclestone and the federation were yet to inform him: "We haven't been notified by the federation, but Bernie is kind of half F1, so I'm sure what he says goes."

But Haas, who admitted he decided to enter F1 to raise awareness of his highly successful tool machine business Haas Automation, admitted the delay in getting the 2015 entry approved was a worry.

"We needed to know about two months ago. If Ecclestone says we're accepted and the federation issues us some kind of notice, then we can entertain 2015.  But if we lose another month, I don't think we can do it."

Ecclestone admitted he was not sure Haas would "turn up" in 2015. "It's easy to put the entry in," the 83-year-old told Sky news.

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