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White, black or blue: More than 24 000 SA readers pick their favourite car colour

2018-04-23 15:00

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Cape Town - Vehicle sales for the month of March saw a total of 49 233 cars, an estimated 44 417 units or 90.2% represented dealer sales, an estimated 5.3% represented sales to the vehicle rental industry, 2.7% to industry corporate fleets and 1.8% to government.

What's the most popular paint job in SA?

Statistics from Lightstone Auto reveals popular car colours from January - March 2018. Rental-car friendly white remains the most popular paint job for buyers, followed by silver, grey, red and blue.

Readers respond 

We asked Wheels24 readers what their car-colour preference was and the results are on par with the colours of the total national cars sold, bar red and blue. 

White - 10846 votes (45%)
Black - 2232 votes (9%)
Silver - 5985 votes (25%)
Red - 2336 votes (10%)
Blue - 2786 votes (12%)

The results of our homepage poll garnered 24 185 votes and almost mirrors that of the official car colour results by Naamsa (see infographic below). The majority of readers chose white as their preferred paint job. 

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