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WATCH: Warning - Don't drink and drive! Random breath testing will be anytime and anywhere

2018-12-20 12:00

Robin Classen

Random breath testing

Image: YouTube

Drunk driving continues to be a scourge on South African roads with a shocking number of deaths recorded each year.

The Western Cape Government is doing its part to buck the trend by doing breath testing at random spots throughout the province.

The department says: "Random Breath Testing Units are fast moving units that operate anywhere at any time across the Western Cape.

"Checkpoints have alcohol screeners that can tell if you have any alcohol on your breath, if you've been drinking you can be arrested then tested in a mobile evidentiary breath alcohol testing vehicle. The printout from the machine can be used in court. If you are over the limit, you face jail, a fine and having your licence suspended.

"Drinking and driving just isn't worth it."  

Buck the trend

Earlier this year Wheels24 reported the statistics for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs for 2017/18 showed an alarming 86 160 cases reported for all nine provinces.

WATCH: Had too many drinks? Here's what it's like to drive under the influence

The unfortunate reality is that people will take the chance to drive when intoxicated with the mindset that they won't get caught or be involved in an accident.

The #BoozeFreeRoads initiative goes a long way in identifying drunk drivers and preventing road future road accidents.

Check out the video:


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