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WATCH: They might be small but they have a big job to do - Here's how fuel injectors work

2018-09-27 20:00

Robin Classen

Fuel Injectors

Image: iStock

From carburetors to electronic injection, fuel systems have come a long way over the years.

The purpose of a fuel injector is to spray a precise amount of fuel into the cylinders, where it mixes with air and the combustion process takes place.

The right mixture

Basically all cars coming out of the factory these days make use of electronic fuel injection (EFI) with the age of carburetors now pretty much extinct.

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The cool folk at Donut Media gives a breakdown of the different ways in which fuel is delivered into the engine, most notably direct and multi-point systems used by various manufacturers.

Fuel delivery is vital in the operation of a car and can affect performance. Although fuel injectors are some of the least common parts to malfunction, they can get dirty or clogged very quickly so it pays to have it checked.

Check out the video:


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