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WATCH: The best cars with three isofix points parents could buy

2019-08-03 09:00

SAFETY FIRST: Make sure your car seat is secure and that your child is firmly strapped-in. Image: Janine Van der Post

Gone are the days when good looks and performance were the only things that mattered when looking for a new car. Now, safety features and Isofix points are top of the list of requirements when owners are searching to acquire their next purchase.

Parents want to know that cars are safe for their families, especially when it comes to child safety.

The Euro NCAP's safety rating is based on the assessment of four areas during crash-testing: Adult protection; Child protection; Pedestrian protection and Safety Assist.

But what is an Isofix point?

Isofix is the international standard for attachment points for child safety seats in passenger cars and enables compliant child safety seats to be quickly and safely secured. In other words, it's the mechanism used to attach a child safety seat.

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Most new parents ask car dealers how many safety bags a car has, or if it has Isofix fittings for child//booster seats.

Child occupant safety has become an important factor in safety crash test ratings as well. The new Renault Sandero Stepway Plus would probably not be the first car you would think of when you're considering vehicle safety, and especially the safety of your offspring should a collision occur, but in SA, it has one of the highest Global NCAP ratings when it comes to child occupancy.

South Africans have large families, and more often than not, they need a vehicle which can fit three children under the age of 12. The problem is that older vehicles do not have Isofix fittings, or even the space to fit more than two child seats in the rear.

While most of the vehicles in the video above are not available locally, the Volvo S90 and BMW X1 are two cars you can find in SA which have three Isofix fittings and enough room to make use of all three simultaneously.

There are loads more vehicles in our current market that can accommodate several car seats, or booster seats, it just comes down to all the requirements you might need in a vehicle.


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