WATCH: Sparks fly in thrilling King of the Hill

A new King of the Hill was crowned and saw the reign of two others extended today with a thrilling finale at #JaguarSHC.

8 fast cats score trophies at #JaguarSHC

The 10th Jaguar Simola Hillclimb was a successful affair for Team Jaguar, with a total of eight podium finishes for all eight entries across various categories.

WATCH: Skateboarder misjudges traffic, crashes into car

2018-04-10 09:59

Sean Parker

Image: Youtube

Australia - Dash-cam footage shows the moment a skateboarder misjudges oncoming traffic and hits the side of a car. 

The on-board camera, positioned in the car, shows the driver making a right turn at an intersection. From about 10 seconds into the clip, the skateboarder can be seen entering the video from the left.


Clearly trying to stop the inevitable contact with his hands, the young man rams violently into the moving vehicle, cracking the windscreen in the process. Stunned by what had just taken place, the driver looks to be pulling over to the side to assess the damage… and the man probably.

Johan Jonck from Arive Alive commented:

The Question:

"I would like to know the road rules pertaining to the use of skateboards on public roads. We have children that are constantly riding up and down on the roads in our complex without regards to the cars on the road, is this permitted – or do skateboards have to be used in particular designated areas?"

The Answer:

Jonck says: "Skateboards – These are not defined in the Road Traffic Act as any type of vehicle and would not be allowed (in terms of what is allowed) on public roads. They would be deemed part of pedestrian related equipment (like a baby pram) and thus would be for use on pedestrian facilities (paths, pavements, walkways, etc) – BUT they are not specifically relegated to such facilities in any way.

"The roads / streets / driveways / paving for vehicles in complexes is in PRIVATE property and thus does not fall under the jurisdiction of the RTA as they are not public roads (although a strong case could be made around the use of the facilities). The Body Corporate is responsible for the maintenance, provision and managing of these facilities (ie house rules will determine how the facilities are used).

"Your question refers to public roads – those are OUTSIDE the boundary (access gate) of the complex.”

Read more: What do the road rules say about skateboards? 

What does the law have to say about the crazy skateboarding stunt in Kloof Nek?

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