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WATCH: Service history explained - What is it and why is it important for car owners?

2019-06-07 08:32

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Service history is extremely important in the used car market, whether you're buying or selling. Here's how to check a car's service history, and maintain yours.

Better known as FSH - full service history - it's an added bonus when you're shopping for a second-hand vehicle, or can be used as a great bargin aspect when you're trying to sell.

Usually found with a vehicle manual in the cubbyhole, service manuals indicate that the car has been serviced regularly, at the correct intervals. The stamped entries also indicate that the work has been carried out by manufacturer-approved workshops or dealerships.

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                                                                                                         Image: iStock

It also means that original manufacturer parts have been used when any work has been done on your vehicle and guarantees 
that your vehicle should be in running order for quite some time.

Even when your vehicle has reached the end of its warranty or service plan cycle, you can still continue to use the service book, and have it signed and stamped by any other workshops carrying out any maintenance. 


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It helps the owner keep track of when the next service might be due, or to keep tabs on when parts are being replaced too often, and just how much money you're spending on wear and tear.

It's imperative for owners to service their vehicles at the correct intervals, even when the service plan has expired. It could prevent more things going wrong and having to fork out more cash than needed.

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