WATCH: Sparks fly in thrilling King of the Hill

A new King of the Hill was crowned and saw the reign of two others extended today with a thrilling finale at #JaguarSHC.

8 fast cats score trophies at #JaguarSHC

The 10th Jaguar Simola Hillclimb was a successful affair for Team Jaguar, with a total of eight podium finishes for all eight entries across various categories.

WATCH: Keeping things cool under pressure - Here's how engine cooling works

2018-08-25 07:00

Robin Classen

Image: iStock

Engines operate at high temperatures, especially when driven hard and fast around a track so it is important to keep things cool under the bonnet.

The radiator and anti-freeze coolant work in unison and plays a pivotal part in lowering the freezing point and raising the boiling point temperatures in an engine.

A cacophony of different parts

Besides the radiator being the most obvious component responsible for cooling, there are a number of different parts that do the hard work behind the scenes.

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The water pump, thermostat, and even the radiator cap all do the job of keeping the temperatures low, even in the most extreme conditions.

Check out the video:


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