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WATCH: #Inmyfeelingschallenge - motorists young and old, even celebrities battle it out while ghost-riding their cars

2018-07-18 11:22

Khaya Dondolo

Image: Twitter

Rapper Drake recently released a song titled 'in my feelings' and it didn't take long before motorists around the world created a social media challenge about it, with thousands performing the shiggy dance.

Passengers step out of a vehicle and, while their vehicle is still in motion, perform dance moves that complement the lyrics to the song, mainly the first part of the song  "Kiki do you love me? are you riding? say you never leave besides me".

Celebrities are also taking on the challenge too.

Some motorists however take the challenge too far and endanger others on the road (read: ghost-riding on a highway!). Arrive Alive says that motorists should be aware that these types of stunts while seemingly fun can "be incredibly dangerous".

Arrive Alive said: "With about 35-40% of SA road fatalities being pedestrians this may be a risk not worth taking. If we also consider how many vehicle-related crimes we find we could expect a dancing vehicle owner to dance without his/her vehicle. Be safe in traffic - remain alert and vigilant and do not take unnecessary risks!"

Check out these #inmyfeelingschallenge clips: 


As much as people are having fun with this challenge it can be dangerous.

We have collected a few clips of the challenge that went horribly wrong. This is why you should not do it in a moving vehicle or a public road with moving traffic.

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