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WATCH: How to avoid dings and damage to your car

2019-07-02 05:30

Sean Schoeman

Dings and Damages

Image: PA

Hearing a hearing that bump and/or scratch while behind the wheel is one of the most unpleasant moments you'll experience as a car owner.

Dings and damage to your car can seem like part-and-parcel of life, but they can be avoided.

Do you fear kerbing your wheels when you park? Try lowering the kerbside mirror before you approach the kerb. This allows for better positioning of the car to the kerb.

If a carpark is busy, aim to be as central as possible within the bay. This will ensure that you are equidistant from other vehicles.

Another thing, it is easy to open your door without thinking, and this will increase your chances of knocking something. Take a moment to be gentle with the door in a bid to avoid damage.

Mirrors are prone to being knocked by passing cars or even people, so take a moment to fold them in. Many modern cars come with power folding mirrors to make life just a little bit easier.

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