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WATCH: Here's why you shouldn't hog the 'fast lane'

2017-08-10 10:52

Cape Town - In South Africa, the left lane is designed to be the primary driving lane. The right lane is intended to be used by motorists to safely pass other vehicles that are travelling at a slower speed than they are.

But all too often motorists hog the extreme right lane which sometimes leads to drivers weaving in and out of traffic by continuously changing lanes. 

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Watch: Here's what happens when you hog the fast lane

Civil society and road safety group Arrive Alive says motorists should follow these guidelines when overtaking a slower vehicle: 

- When you find yourself behind another vehicle that is driving at a slower speed than you are and you are still driving below the posted speed limit, you may briefly change lanes in order to pass the car.

- After making sure that no other objects obstruct your path and there are no rapidly approaching vehicles from the rear in the lane you intend to move into, use your vehicle's turn signal to indicate your intention to change lanes.

- Check your rear view and side mirrors for other vehicles currently in the lane in which you are planning to move to.

Read the full list here. 

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